Before…and After Paris


In May of 2009, I posted a series of blogs on three trends that every Christian in America needs to watch. The first trend I wrote about was the Growth of Islam.   I highlighted the theological intent of Islam toward global saturation, the violence of a radical Islamic minority, and the role of immigration as a means of “conquering” the nations. As an example I pointed the spotlight on France.

This was all before the rise of ISIS. Before the civil war in Syria. Before the chaos that is now Iraq. Before the Syrian refugee crisis. And before the terror in Paris this past Friday.

This is not an “I told you so.” My heart was crushed as I heard the initial reports and watched the events unfold in Paris from my home Friday evening. My deepest and most sincere prayers are directed toward the injured and the families of those killed in Paris.   I pray for all those touched by the sting of pure darkness. I pray for French President Francois Hollande as he now comforts and leads his country forward in response to this act of war. The extent of evil’s saturation in our world right now is truly staggering – most of it driven by radical Islam.

I also find my prayers deepened for those people most centrally located in the menagerie of this conflict. The 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. Jesus came to seek and to save the lost. ALL those who are lost.

Jesus came to seek and to save Muslims of all stripes. Sunni. Shiite. Nominal. Radical. Al-Qaeda. ISIS. The forgiveness of Jesus knows no boundaries because the love of Jesus knows no boundaries.

In a world where the touch of evil is so sharp, surely the world is ready, perhaps in a way it never has been, for this message of Jesus.


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