Aventura Colombiana – two plus years


Last week was Gotcha Day at the Crawford House. Two years ago this month, on May 21st, our Marcela came to us from Colombia via international adoption.

Wow, it’s so hard to believe that it’s been two whole years. Within the last 24 months we have:

  • Re-formalized our adoption in the United States (a formality),
  • Completed all our post-placement visits – 18 months worth,
  • Secured a Social Security card for Marcela,
  • Updated vaccines,
  • Been to SO many doctors in order to get a full understanding of her health needs,
  • Graduated eye-therapy and started wearing glasses,
  • Begun work on “braces”,
  • Worked HOURS and HOURS to get her caught up academically,
  • Seen Marcela give her life to Christ and be baptized,
  • And….learn English!

Oh, and that’s the short list. But you get the idea. It’s been a whirlwind of a two-years. There have been so many special moments along the way of this adoption journey, but a really special moment happened today at the end-of-the-year awards at Marcela’s school.

She got the Library Award.

Now, if I had gotten the Library Award when I was a kid I probably would have been disappointed! But I can’t begin to tell you how significant this is for Marcela and our family. You noticed I included learning English on our list of accomplishments since we have had Marcela in our family. Listen, this little girl knew NOTHING when she came to us regarding our language. She didn’t even know “hello.” Those first months were dominated with lots of smiles, tears, and hugs as we relied on LOVE as the universal language.

So to think that this little Colombian Princess has gone from knowing no English to winning the Library Award in 24 months is an amazing marker for her and for us.

So I am one proud Papa today.

Go Marcela! Mom and Dad love you and we are so proud of you. You’ve come so far in so short a period of time. And your future is nothing but bright!

Two years ago we “gotcha”…and we don’t ever intend to let you go.


3 responses to “Aventura Colombiana – two plus years”

  1. kyletresch says :

    What an awesome story and a beautiful picture of family!!

  2. Marcella's School Librarian says :

    Marcella deserved that library award. Last year she wanted to check out long chapter books when she could barely read and comprehend a picture book for first graders. I could see her determination then. She wasn’t able to be in library as much this year because something else was scheduled at that time, but when she was, I could tell her character hadn’t changed any. And now she CAN read those chapter books! She never wants to check out just one or two, she wants to bargain with me so I’ll let her have a whole armful! What a wonderful and gracious God to give you (and her teachers!) such a beautiful gift as Marcella!

    And I won’t comment at all about your statement that you would be disappointed to get the library award. 🙂

  3. Linda Thwaits says :

    So glad I came across your web site today again in time to see that beautiful picture of Marcela and read your comments. I well remember that day two years ago at the airport seeing Marcella arrive with mom and brother and joyfully running into your arms. I so wished that my sis, Becky could have been there. I love you all and miss Arkansas, but am happy to be nearer children and grandchildren. Aunt Linda Thwaits

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