Same-Sex Marriage: The New Litmus Test


In the wake of the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) that has dominated the news cycle the last two weeks, the “side” story of Memories Pizza has sent a chilling signal to anyone who holds to the traditional and biblical view of marriage as being between a man and a woman.

Chances are you’ve heard the story. A news reporter from nearby South Bend walked into family-owned Memories Pizza in the rural town of Walkerton, Indiana – population 2,144. In questioning co-owner Crystal O’Connor regarding the RFRA law recently passed and the source of so much controversy, O’Connor was clear that Memories Pizza is open to and welcomes all people, regardless of race, economics, sexual preference, etc. But then came THE QUESTION: Would you cater a same-sex wedding?


It doesn’t matter that Memories has never catered a wedding of any kind and is unlikely to ever cater any wedding.   The question was asked, effectively cornering the Christian owners. And so they answered the only way they could answer given their religious convictions. No, they could not cater a same-sex wedding.

Well that was enough.

The full fury of the extreme left was unloaded on this Christian family, who were doing nothing more than running their family business, trying to make ends meet, and live their lives in peace. Within 24 hours, this tiny restaurant went from having just two reviews on Yelp to over 1,200 reviews, nearly all scathing and negative, from people who have never even eaten at the pizzeria. The owners were forced to close their doors because there were so many calls for pizza orders, they could not discern the real orders from the fake orders. Then came the “hate” via social media. One Twitter user even called for the burning down of the restaurant. As of the writing of this post, the family has gone into hiding.

All of this over a hypothetical.

A “what if.”

An “academic exercise” not based in real life.

And THAT is the scariest part of the equation.

It’s clear. Same-sex marriage is not even legal in all 50 states yet, but the litmus test is in place. It does not matter who you are or what kind of business you own. What you do may not even touch the wedding industry. It doesn’t matter. This is the line in the sand.

It is equally clear that no matter where you live, there will come a point when you must face the line and answer the question.

Where do you stand regarding same-sex marriage?

That’s the unavoidable question for all US Americans. And if you answer incorrectly, no effort will be spared to destroy you. Lest you think I exaggerate, just ask the O’Connor family today what they think… if you can find them.


The other side of the coin looks like this.   A account was established for the family by those sympathetic to their plight. Their supporters don’t have loud voices, they don’t lob hate bombs, and they aren’t seeking to shut anybody down. They just don’t like what has been done to this family. And apparently there are a lot of them…enough to have donated over $840,000 to the fund.

But something tells me that if you asked the O’Connor’s whether they would rather have the nearly million dollars or have their lives back, they’d choose their lives and their pizzeria.


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