The Vitriol of Viral Prophecy


Two weeks ago I published a blog post on the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy of a coming invasion of Israel from a coalition of forces led by a northern nation, which I believe will be Russia.  I have studied prophecy for many years and so what I presented was really nothing new.  One can find many others who write about such things, one of my favorite authors of which is Joel Rosenberg.  For me, the timing of Russia’s invasion of Crimea, and move against Ukraine, put the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy front and center in my thinking and thus a topic of conversation on this blog.

I was taken aback, quite frankly, by two unforeseen outcomes to that blog post.

1.  The near viral nature the post became.  I use the word viral loosely here.  I’m not sure exactly what makes something truly viral in terms of coverage, but from the perspective of my small world, this post garnered more attention than anything else I have ever published on this blog.  I began the current version of this blog in April of 2009.  Until two weeks ago, my blog had around 100,000 hits total over the course of its lifespan.  Within one week of publishing the post on the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy, my blog crested the 200,000 hit mark.  Essentially, this one post garnered more attention than the whole of all my blog posts over the last five years.  So this would be viral for me.  In addition, people from over 100 countries have dialed into this particular post – amazing.

2.  The shocking vitriol expressed toward Israel and Jews was stunning.  Is there anti-Semitism in the world?  Yes.  Of course, I know this.  But, I was unprepared for the comments that came my way after publishing that post.  I moderate my comments and am glad I do so.  I would not want the general public to have to read some of the things that I chose to TRASH rather than pass through.  Frankly, I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of comments in general.  If your comment did not get posted it was most likely because of the sheer volume that came to me.  I actually have a full-time job and a family and so the blogging gig is usually not a front seat deal for me.  I am grateful, however, for those who read and took time to respond.  Even, and in some cases, especially, those who disagree with me.  I have no corner on the market when it comes to prophetic interpretation.  I have my personal view, yes, but in such matters, hindsight is always 20/20 and once a prophecy is fulfilled it is easy to say, “Oh, okay, so THAT is what was going on here.”  But before hand it is extremely difficult and I always try to add qualifiers lest I be thrown in with the Harold Campings of the world (of which I was anyway by some!).  But the vile verbal puke projected toward Jews and the nation of Israel was really, as I stated, stunning.  Particularly since the post was very benign related to Jewish matters, and I was silent as it relates to Israeli politics in the Middle East.  I never even mentioned the Palestinian conflict, and I didn’t go into the land for peace discussions.  I essentially limited the discussion to what the Bible says will be a supernatural defeat of Israel’s enemies by the hand of God once this invasion begins to take place.

So what is the “take-away” for me as a blogger and as Christian?  First, people are very, VERY interested in what the Bible says about Israel and prophetic events.  We may not all agree on what the Bible is saying regarding these things, but a chord was struck.  I suspect that as the end draws nigh and biblical events begin to match news headlines, interest will continue to climb.  For the observant watcher, we will be able to see, as in the words of C.S. Lewis’ Narianian characters that, “Aslan is on the move.”

Second, the Jewish people have always been hated and they will always be hated.  It is amazing that such a small demographic of people in this world can be so reviled.  Especially in a culture that screams tolerance of all peoples.  But liberals in the West are blind to their own intolerances and the rest of the world cares nothing about tolerance at all.  So going back to the time of the Exodus, the Jewish people have been the target of persecution and elimination.  This sadly will not change.  But why are we surprised?  Once again, the Bible is proven true and trustworthy in all the things to which it speaks.


4 responses to “The Vitriol of Viral Prophecy”

  1. Terry Evers says :

    Jeff keep on letting the world know because there are so many lost doubters out there. I too occasionally write letters to the editor and when I get on a Atheist Liberal’s case they bury it. But the vitriol is stunning especially since Obama was elected. He has succeeded in splitting this country apart.

  2. Lujack Skylark says : All the latest data on Russia & Russia’s allies in this latest link. Enjoy!

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