Shut Down



The government of the great United States of America is closed. 

It is very difficult to miss this headline on every news publication and media outlet.  Who’s to blame?  How long will it last?  How do we fix it?  These are all questions being discussed ad nauseum by radio talk shows hosts and 24-hour news personalities.  One thing that all can agree on is that this is royal mess.  There is also a deeper notion that something is very much wrong with the fabric of our United States. 

As a student and teacher of biblical prophecy for over 25 years, I am often asked, “Where is the United States in end times prophecy?”  It’s a good question especially in light of America’s dominance as a world power.  I had always answered that question by explaining that America’s absence in eschatological prophecy must be due to one of two reasons, 1) our desire as a nation to not be involved with Israel and other nations, or 2) our inability as a nation to be involved with Israel and other nations.  In light of so many changes in our nation in recent years, perhaps the true answer lies in both of the above. 

There is tension between our current president and Benjamin Netanyahu.  We seem to be unwilling to stand with Israel over the Iranian nuclear issue causing Netanyahu to declare to the United Nations last week that Israel is “ready to stand alone on Iran.”  Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has risen as “king of the hill” over the Syrian chemical weapons issue, emasculating our president in the process and securing Russia’s return to world prominence as a major player.  At home our economy continues a sluggish recovery at best and now the government has closed because leadership can agree, it appears, on absolutely nothing.  And the world watches.  Students of the Bible are left to wonder if this is prophetic fulfillment on some level.  It’s all enough to keep good minded citizens up at night. 

In this, however, we can find our rest.  God is sovereign.  This means He is in control and that His kingdom never shuts down.  The economy of heaven is strong and so all events, in every nation, are playing out exactly as God intends based on His grand plan for planet earth.  Nothing catches God off guard.  He raises up kings and brings them down as well (Daniel 2:21).

In this Word we have hope, not just for today, but for the tomorrow in which our children and grandchildren will live.


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