Aventura en Los Estados Unidos > The Beginning…

Our adoption journey has come to an end…now the journey of parenting begins…thanks for joining us for the ride!


4 responses to “Aventura en Los Estados Unidos > The Beginning…”

  1. Gay W. says :

    It is SOO awesome to see you guys together!! What a ride it’s been! Better than any book I’ve read. And yes, now the real world begins. Redemption’s story.

  2. Randy and Julie Nichols says :

    Congratulations! Looking forward to meeting Marcela.

  3. Daniel Arnold says :

    God bless you guys! We were a couple of months behind you and a bit southeast in Bogota to adopt our two girls Angy and Jadie age 10 and 9 from an orphanage in the capital city. Reading through your posts revived memories of the court process, the waiting and that glorious word – SENTENCIA! We will pray that your bonding and adjustment continues to go exceedingly well and that as you enjoy the blessing of the new yet essential part of the family that Marcela has become, you also see the divine strategy that God has for her to fulfill for His Kingdom purposes.
    -In Him, Daniel and Paula Arnold, Frankfort, KY

    • jeffcraw4d says :

      Thanks Daniel! We are actually coming up on the one year anniversary of Encuentro Day – Gottcha Day! Planning a big party at Marcela’s school. Bless you too as well.

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