Aventura en Colombia > Homeward Bound!


As I write this, my wife and two kids are en route from Miami to Dallas. They will be HOME today just after 3:00 pm. It has been quite a week! After getting the call last Wednesday that the judge signed the adoption decree making Marcela officially our daughter, Julie and the kids have been moving.

They all flew to Bogota on Friday and Marcela had a TB skin test. They rested over the weekend but on Monday they: had the TB skin test read (she was clear), had photos made for Marcela’s new Colombian ID card with her new name – Marcela Hope Crawford, applied for her Colombian passport, and went to the U.S. Embassy approved doctor for a medical exam. Whew…

On Tuesday, they went and picked up Marcela’s Colombian passport, took a copy of it to the doctor so he could finalize his report, and made an appointment for Wednesday with the U.S. Embassy to apply for Marcela’s entry VISA.

On Wednesday, (yesterday), they picked up the medical report, took it to the U.S. Embassy for the VISA appointment (because it is required) and were told that if they waited about an hour, they could have the VISA that day. Totally unexpected…

Julie texted me just after 2:00 pm and said she had EVERYTHING she needed to come home. Their return flight was booked for this Saturday morning, but on a gut feeling, I called American Airlines just to see…

Long story short, Julie and the kids boarded a plane last night at midnight and landed in Miami at 4:10 am this morning. The moment the plane hit the ground, our little Marcela became a U.S. Citizen.

They are almost home and we are almost back together.

We want to thank ALL of you who have followed our adoption journey. Your interest, love, support, and in many cases financial gifts, have sustained us and encouraged us beyond belief.

Oh, one last thought…TODAY is our 21st wedding anniversary. Funny how God works…


2 responses to “Aventura en Colombia > Homeward Bound!”

  1. Kim Barnes says :

    YAY !!! PRAISE GOD !!! I’ve been out of town and out of touch for a few days. This is GREAT news !! JUST LIKE GOD !!! And Happy Anniversary!

  2. Vicki says :

    Welcome home Marcela!!!

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