Aventura en Colombia: Sentencia!


Today was the day!  A day we have waited and hoped for – our adoption of Marcela has been finalized.  She is now, officially, a Crawford!  We have been waiting for this day since we filed her adoption case on May 29th.  It has been a LONG and uneventful 22 days.  Julie, Grayson, and Marcela have been stuck, literally, at the hotel just waiting to “get the call.”  God has been so good during this time.  He sent us an IMB family to check on everyone and to open their home for fellowship, laundry, and English.  God also sent my family another U.S. family from Seattle who is adopting as well.  They have spent the last week at the same hotel in Medellin supporting each other and encouraging one another.  I am thankful for these that God has sent, and we are praying intently for the Sentencia of the Seattle family as well.  It has been incredibly difficult to be separated these last three weeks as I had to leave Julie and the kids in Colombia to wait.  But now things are moving!

Tomorrow, Julie and the kids will fly to Bogota and Marcela has an appointment to have a TB test performed.  They will read the test on Monday and prayerfully it will be clear.  Then she must be examined by a doctor at the United States Embassy.  Next we have to get her an emergency passport and VISA, and THEN they all come HOME.  Their flights are scheduled for Saturday, June 29th.

Please pray for all the little (but important) things that must take place in the next 8 days.  Our God is truly faithful!

Because the adoption is now finalized I am able to share pictures and this video of our new daughter, Marcela…

…and now you know why we call her our Colombian Princess!


9 responses to “Aventura en Colombia: Sentencia!”

  1. Kim Barnes says :

    Yay !!! Thank you Lord !! I thought something was going on as I have not seen an email from Julie in a few days. So excited and thankful for ya’ll. Such a blessing for your family and sweet Marcela !

  2. Charles Hearn says :

    Congratulation and praise God for being soooo good. Looks like He, “God” kept your schedule exactly correct. Msy all go well on this final leg.
    Ann and I are happy for your completed family.

  3. Amanda Huggins says :

    Yea!!! So happy for you guys!! Have prayed and prayed for you guys since the start of this journey! God is so good! Welcome to the Crawford family Marcela… beautiful Columbian Princess!!

    • Amanda Huggins says :

      I have to tell you that Dylan said “She looks like she is going to fit in just fine.” with your family. He said “I have seen that exact same look on Grayson’s face.”!!!

  4. laurabeth65 says :


    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID

  5. lisatresch says :

    I could watch this video all day long. Beautiful. God is good.

  6. Tonya Larmoyeux says :

    Oh Jeff & Julie–I am so happy for you and her! I watched that video 3 times and cried all the way through it. Precious.

  7. Vicki says :

    Jeff and Julie, Have been praying all during this adventure and will continue during these days of travel and final details!!! My heart laughed and cried with you watching the video!!!

    Love to the Crawford family – Vicki May

  8. Maxine Evers says :

    Jeff and Julie – congratulations on your daughter. She has the best home that any child could have. I am so happy for all of you. I watched the video several times and cried along with both of you. God bless you and your family beyond measure

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