Aventura en Colombia: Week 2 Update


Just a quick update on this Wednesday night, half way through our second week in Colombia.  Yesterday was our Bonding Meeting with the Colombian adoption authority known as the ICBF.  Their building is located in downtown Medellin and is the place where we picked up Marcela last Tuesday – Gotcha Day!  Per Colombian adoption guidelines, families return eight days later for a Bonding Meeting.  Basically, just a check-up to make sure everything is going well.

Our Bonding Meeting went very well but it was extremely emotional for Marcela.  We basically all sat in a room and talked together with the ICBF representative about how the week had gone and what we had been learning about each other.  I think the pressure and reality of the moment really got to our sweet little girl.  They also allowed Marcela to make a phone call back to her foster mother to say thank you and good-bye.  Marcela loved this but, once again, it was just emotionally draining.  After two plus hours we came back to our hotel exhausted.

This morning, two of our attorneys, Mario and Blanca, drove three hours to file Marcela’s adoption case with the local court of her hometown.  We received word late this afternoon that it went VERY well.  They were even hopeful that the process might go more quickly than expected. PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS.   By law, the judge has around a week to admit the case officially into the court system.  Then he has another 2-3 weeks to sign the adoption decree.  BUT there is nothing in the law that would keep the judge from doing everything sooner than this.

Once the adoption decree is signed, Julie then heads to Bogota for about 5 days of final matters with the United States Embassy.  So still lots to do.

Madison and I are scheduled to return to the U.S. on Saturday.  I really am not looking forward to leaving Julie, Grayson, and Marcela here alone but we are trusting God completely for all matters.  We had a very nice surprise today.  Julie and Madison went out with our escort today, Christina, to do some shopping and they found a wonderful adoption house for Julie and the kids to move to on Saturday.  Things are very good where we are but we are the ONLY ones here and it’s a massive house (see my first day post).  This new house the girls looked at today has other adoptive families living there and so it would be a really nice place for the kids to have some friends and Julie some company in the remaining weeks.

As always, thanks for your prayers and support.  Counting the days until we can bring Marcela home!


One response to “Aventura en Colombia: Week 2 Update”

  1. Mary says :

    God is good all the time. Thanks for keeping us posted. We trust in the almighty to do the rest. Be blessed


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