Aventura en Colombia: Day 4


It was another great day in Colombia.  It is raining like crazy here and we just assumed it was normal until we were told today that it is definitely raining more than usual.  Our ceiling leaked again last night but this time we were ready!

We spent our day today with our escort and driver, Christina and Caesar, on a driving tour through the Andes mountains.  We stopped at a roadside market and let Marcela pick out a gift for her foster mom.  Next week when we go back to the ICBF office for our follow up bonding meeting, we have been asked to bring a gift for Marcela’s foster mom, along with a letter, and a family photo with Marcela.  We stopped at a fantastic lookout over the city of Medellin, and ultimately we ended up in the wonderful little town of Rionegro.  IMG_0342We liked this town so much we looked at a couple of potential lodging options for Julie and the kids after I leave.  Medellin is a great city but very, very busy with tons of traffic.  We ran across some property in Rionegro with some cottages that are very nice and quaint.  Still not sure what we will do but it’s nice to have options.

Today was also another day of firsts for Marcela – namely her first elevator ride.  You should have seen the expression on her face when the doors to the elevator opened and everything was different!  Priceless.

One of the major barriers to adoption for people is cost.  Julie and I can testify to this because we too had “those” conversations in our home over the years as we discussed adopting a child.  We finally came to the point where trusting God was more important than trusting a bank account – especially when you are talking about the life of child.  After just two days with Marcela I can tell you there is no value, no dollar figure, that can be put on this little girl.  Yes, our adoption is expensive, costing thousands of dollars…but this little girl…she is priceless.


Tomorrow we are planning to hang around the hotel and take it easy.  If it quits raining it might be time to take that plunge in the pool!

Hasta pronto!


3 responses to “Aventura en Colombia: Day 4”

  1. Gay W. says :

    Oh, that sweet Grayson and Marcela holding hands takes my breath away. Now that’s a warm fuzzy!

  2. Mary says :

    It’s good to hear that all is well. We continue seeking Devine protection. Marcella bonded very quickly seems like that’s precious no anxiety or tears! Just joy and excitement. May Jehovah be praised. Keep the stories coming!

  3. SelenaB says :

    Love that pink bow!

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