Aventura en Colombia: Day 3 > the day after


Today has been a nice and relaxing day in Colombia.  We actually had a weird event at 2:00 am.  It was raining and storming HARD (it rains a lot in Medellin) and Madison came running into our room and said the ceiling was leaking.  I, once again, jumped into action to assess the situation.  She was right!  Water was literally pouring into the room from a large crack that had developed in the ceiling.  I scrambled to move suitcases and a TV and put a trashcan under the flow.  We settled back down and I reported the whole thing to the hotel supervisor when we finally got up.  All that to say that we were all awake…except sweet Marcela.  This girl slept like a rock last night.  We had no idea what to expect – if she would get sad and cry, want to sleep in bed with Julie and me, or not be able to sleep at all.  It is obvious after night one that sleep is not an issue for Marcela.  Just a testimony to the outstanding care she had from her foster mother.

Today was really all about “firsts” for us.  Just like there is a first-everything with a biological child, so it is the same with an adopted child.  Our first day with Marcela saw her first change of clothes into a Disney princess nightgown we brought her (some adopted kids don’t want to take their clothes off that they came in for a while), our first dinner, breakfast, and then lunch together (she can EAT – and we are already learning what she likes and does not like), and her first shower (lots of potential issues with this one).  After the first 24 hours, I can say all went well as we navigated these firsts!

IMG_0289We just took it easy today staying close to the hotel for the most part.  We did take a 20 minute walk after lunch to a mall called El Tosoro.  Here we feasted on Duncan Donuts and Marcela rode her first escalator (yes, another first).  We had a blast together.

Grayson and Madison absolutely adore their new sister. The day has been filled with lots of hugs and kisses and smiles and laughter and pictures and video. Marcela is dying for me to take her to the pool at our guest house but the temp is only in the upper 70s.  That’s a bit cool for me but something tells me I’m going to crack on this one.  Marcela can be very persistent.  Julie is doing an unbelievable job as a new mom (again).  I have been blown away at her Spanish and ability to communicate with Marcela.  It is so cool to watch.

We had a house call from a doctor this afternoon who checked Julie and I out and ordered some routine blood work for tomorrow morning (still more stuff to do for the adoption procedure).  We also had a visit from the psychologist with Julyana just to see how things were going.

All-in-all, a GREAT day in Colombia.

Mas mañana…


5 responses to “Aventura en Colombia: Day 3 > the day after”

  1. laurabeth65 says :

    Have been checking all day to see the update! Love to all of you. Give Grayson a special hug from Aunt Laura. Someone else will get one tomorrow!!!!?

  2. Aunt Jennifer :) says :

    Yay! God is definitely with you and going before you. Keep the stories coming!

  3. Mary says :

    Thanks Jeff and Julie for sharing. You all are doing an awesome job bonding. This seems to b going better than I expected. Am happy for you all. Enjoy day 4.
    Be blessed.

  4. betty dickson says :

    I am so blessed! Each picture is worth “a thousand words” and we get to be part of it. The commentary is wonderful, Jeff. Our hearts are overflowing with love for our growing family. Because of Jesus, Mema Betty

  5. Gay W. says :

    Oh, that sweet Grayson and Marcela holding hands takes my breath away. Now that’s a warm fuzzy.

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