Isn’t It Just Like God…


We leave for Colombia in just 48 hours.  This week has been packed with preparation, both to leave, and to be gone.  If you were to ask me what my greatest “anxiety” is right now with our adoption journey, I would say that it is the language barrier between Spanish and English.  Our precious little Colombian princess is coming to us with NO ENGLISH at all!  Julie and I have spent the last year taking Spanish lessons via Fluenz which has been fantastic.  I would highly recommend this software package to anyone needing to get a quick grip on the language.  But after spending a year in the Spanish language I am more aware than ever of how much I have still to learn.  That said, isn’t it just like God…

…to meet us at our greatest point of need.

And so we have the events of this week.

This week Cross Church hosted an International Mission Board commissioning service on Wednesday night.  Fifty-eight missionary appointees spent the front part of the week in Northwest Arkansas.  On Sunday, Julie and I hosted one couple in our home for lunch.  So guess where they are headed?  No not Colombia BUT to Brazil, which is a border country to Colombia.  AND, they had previously served the IMB in Ecuador, which is ANOTHER border nation to Colombia, AND they are fluent in Spanish AND they had spent extensive time in Colombia.  AND… (yes it gets better) they have adopted both of their boys via Latin American descent.  Isn’t it just like God?  We had the best time talking about adoption, Colombia, culture, AND they helped us so much with our Spanish.

That was Sunday…

On Monday, I drove to Fort Smith to pick up a very good pastor friend of mine from…get this…Venezuela.  Yes, a border country to Colombia.  Pastor Josue had planned this trip some time ago and it ended up falling on the very week we are prepping to leave for Colombia.  Isn’t it just like God?  Pastor Josue spent Monday evening and Tuesday with me and my family.  The purpose of his trip was to discuss logistics for a mission trip I am leading to Venezuela in November, but, of course, we talked about Colombia, and customs, and culture, and Pastor Josue helped us with our Spanish.  Just little intricacies of the language specific to Colombia that will be helpful.

That was Monday…

On Tuesday, as part of the IMB week of events, Julie and I were invited to special lunch with the missionary appointees.  I took Pastor Josue with me and low and behold a missionary named Rodney joined us at our table.  Rodney is on mission in the Dominican Republic.  Rodney speaks fluent Spanish.  Rodney lived in Colombia for 10+ years.  Isn’t it just like God?  So, of course, we had much to talk about.


Yesterday we had the wonderful opportunity to Skype with our new daughter.  This was our first real time interaction.  It was an amazing 35 minutes.  Such an opportunity is rare in adoption circles, but…isn’t it just like God.  Yes, she spoke Spanish a mile-a-minute, and yes, we were overwhelmed, catching only a phrase here and there.  But love seems to be a universal language and what child doesn’t know what a blown kiss means?  And yes, she blew them back!

Today and tomorrow will be crazy as we pack, pack, pack.  I am still nervous about the language issue, but this week has shown me, once again, that God is there…

always there…

at just the right…

in just the right way…

that’s just how God is.


2 responses to “Isn’t It Just Like God…”

  1. Charles Hearn says :

    Blessings all the way for you all on this journey. It is evident that God has been with you all the way. You are in our prayers. May god continue with you to the end.

    Charles and Ann

  2. thegoodshomewares says :

    YES, it is just like God!!! I’m SO EXCITED for you all!!! Praying that God will break that language barrier for you and that the initial language that you will need and be understood just be the language of LOVE! Also, that God will break down those barriers just as he did on the Day of Pentecost (hope my Bible reference is correct, DR. Crawford!) Love you all MUCHO!!!!
    Sherry G!

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