La Familia de Crawford – Update!

Our adoption journey began on a Friday, just over a year ago on February 9, 2012, when we filled out an online application with Dillon International.  It was a step of faith.  We did not know if doors would open or close.  We did not know how long the journey would be (in some ways we still do not).  We did not know who we were looking for or in what country on planet earth our child lived.  But we took the step that God had initiated in our hearts and today, on February 22, 2013,… we got the phone call.

Once again it was a Friday.  We were driving down the road in our new hometown of Springdale when our adoption coordinator from Dillon called. “I have some good news,” she said.  And so it’s official.  Last night the Colombian court of the region of Antioquia officially matched our daughter with our family!  Thank you for praying and thank you God for answering!

We are told that our new daughter is full of life, does well in school, and enjoys dancing and playing sports.  She has so much energy that her foster family has nicknamed her “la grilla saltarina” which means dancing grasshopper.   Her foster mom has told adoption officials that “whoever adopts her is going to be getting a treasure.”  And that is exactly how we feel!

We were first introduced to our daughter on October 25th via a paper summary of her with no pictures.  She is classified as a waiting child, which means all her paper work is in order and she is ready to be adopted. All she is waiting on is her forever family to say, “We want you!”  On December 5th, that is exactly what we did.  We sent a letter to the Colombian government requesting that we be matched with her.  And so we have waited and waited.  Wanting so badly to tell everyone about her but needing to wait for official word. And now we have it!

We cannot tell you how grateful we are for your prayers of support and petition for the many needs of our adoption, this official referral being a chief need.  Thank you from the depths of our heart.

So here’s what’s next…

  • In a couple of weeks we should get the official letter of referral which is already on its way along with a lengthy file on our daughter that needs to be translated into English.  Once we get this we will officially say YES to the referral.
  • Then we must submit to the United States government a document called an I-800, which will initiate several hoops we have to jump through in order to have permission to travel and get her.  For instance, we will have to travel to Houston, Texas, and appear in person at the Colombian consulate to get a temporary VISA to travel to Colombia and adopt one of their children.
  • We are most likely looking at around three months or so from right now before we can travel to get our daughter.  This will allow us to not miss Garrett’s graduation from high school, which has been one of our prayers related to timing.
  • When we arrive in Colombia, we will receive custody of our daughter on or about the second day we are there and become her official guardians.  Jeff must stay in country two weeks and then he can return to the US and to work.  Julie will have to stay the duration of the time, which will be an additional 1-6 weeks.  Yes, that is a BIG span of time potentially so this becomes a major prayer for us.  More time in Colombia just means more expense and the adoption process is expensive enough as it is.  Plus it is just hard to be in a foreign country that length of time. PLUS we want to get her HOME!
  • Once the adoption is finalized in Colombia, Julie will travel home with her.  And once their plane touches down in Miami, she will officially be an American citizen!

So we are all tremendously excited.  Our prayer needs are obvious but here is a specific list you can join us in praying for:

  • Our Home Study update was completed related to our move to Springdale and our I-800A Supplement 3 has been filed with the United States government.  We are waiting for our new adoption approval notice from the US government.  This is a formality because of our move but please pray we get this new approval quickly because we will need it in just a few weeks so that we can file our I-800 with the government in order to begin the process to be cleared to travel and get our daughter.  If all that is confusing, just pray for the paperwork!
  • Pray for our daughter.  Pray that in the coming weeks that when she finds out she is being adopted by her forever family that her heart will be ready.  Pray that God will calm her fears and anxieties about all that is about to happen in her life.
  • Pray for the many, many formalities that we must work through in the next 8-12 weeks to be able to go get her.
  • Pray for God’s financial provision plan to be fulfilled as it relates to this final stage of adoption.  We have been amazed and humbled at the many people that have sacrificed to help us.  Our Adopt Together website shows that we have hit the halfway point of our financial need for this adoption.  This is a huge blessing and has helped relieve the prohibitive financial burden that adoption has become today.  Now that the light is shining at the end of the tunnel, we have some very significant costs yet to come.  If you would like to partner with us financially in bringing our daughter home, you can see the information below about giving a tax-deductible donation to our Adopt Together account.

As always, stayed tuned for more information coming as we look forward to keeping you up to speed on our adoption journey!

Jeff, Julie, Garrett, Madison, Grayson, and Niña Bonita


Help us bring our Colombian Princess Home!

Adopt Together:  for online giving.

If you want to send a check, just make it payable to: Adopt TogetherBe sure and put our name on the envelope and the memo area and mail it to:


251 W. Central Ave #278

Springboro, OH 45066

All contributions are tax deductible


One response to “La Familia de Crawford – Update!”

  1. Jackie Harmon says :

    She is beautiful! Congratulations! We are praying for your family. This last part of the wait is the hardest!

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