La Familia de Crawford – Adoption Update!


Our adoption journey continues!  Since Christmas, MUCH has happened in our lives and with our adoption. On February 1st, I joined the staff of Cross Church NWA as the president of the Cross Church School of Ministry and teaching pastor.

Of course, this had a slight impact on our adoption.  In order to not slow our process down, we needed to establish a new residence quickly.  Well, God is faithful!  On January 17th, we moved into our new home in Springdale, Arkansas.  God has given us a wonderful new home and we feel so blessed.  It has been a fast and hard move (is any move easy), but God has confirmed over and over His direction in our lives.

Now for some extremely exciting news:  On January 17th, the SAME day we moved into our new home, we received official word from the Colombian government that our dossier had been approved!  This is HUGE.  This means we are officially on the waiting list to adopt a child!  Our dossier was submitted back in September.  The Colombian government asked for more info on October 19th and we sent that info four days later.  We’ve been waiting for word since then.  So this is an answered prayer!

Because we have moved and I have changed employment we must submit an update to our file with the United States government.  We must update our Home Study and then submit to our government a form called I800-A Supplement 3.  Of course there is an additional cost for all this (we have learned EVERYTHING costs money when it comes to adoption), BUT we have been assured this will NOT slow our process down.  Once again, another answer to prayer!

So what is next with our adoption journey?

  • Get home study updated,
  • Submit I800-A Supplement 3,
  • Get new I800-A approval,
  • Wait for the referral of our little girl!

Now, we need to share with you something EXTREMELY EXCITINGWe believe we have found our daughter!  Back in October, we were presented by our adoption agency with information about a “waiting child.”  A waiting child is someone who is ready to be adopted.  Their paperwork is in order and all they are waiting for is a family to say, “We want you!”  Families who are adopting can either wait for the government to recommend a child or they can request a waiting child.  When we were presented with this particular little girl in October we spent many, many weeks in prayer and in consultation with adoption and medical professionals about her.  To make a long story short, on December 5th, we submitted a formal request to the Colombian government to adopt this little girl.  We believe she is the one – our daughter!  So what we are waiting on now is word from the Colombian government that we are approved officially to adopt HER.  To be honest, we have struggled in what and how much to tell people.  Nothing is official yet and we know that ANYTHING can happen in the world of adoption (just consider the tragedy with Russian adoption in the last two months).  But we have come to a point where we don’t want to keep this “secret” any longer AND we need your prayers.  Please pray that we will get our official referral for this little girl soon!

We want you to know how grateful we are for the many people who have expressed interest in our adoption journey.  So many people have joined with us on this journey with their prayers, financial resources, love, encouragement, etc.  We have learned SO much about family and friendship and the body of Christ on this adoption journey of ours.  We are blessed to share it with you and we pray our journey blesses you back.

What we need right now:

  • LOTS of encouragement.  There are lots of up and down days.  We can feel we are getting closer to our travel time to Colombia so that breeds all kinds of other logistical decisions we will need to make soon.
  • Pray for our referral for this specific child.  We cannot wait to share her name, picture, and story with you once we get this!
  • Pray for our home study update to be finalized quickly.
  • Pray for our I800-A Supplement 3 to be processed quickly.
  • Pray that the financial obligations related to our adoption will be met according to God’s provision plan.  Expenses will come quickly once we get our referral.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the so many of you who have helped us with this.  If God leads you to join us in this way, you can give to our adoption through our Adopt Together website (info below).
  • Pray for the timing of EVERYTHING.  Garrett (our oldest son) graduates from high school on May 16th.  We are praying that the timing of ALL things falls so that we can get our daughter HOME before this date.

We look forward to keeping you updated on all if this and more!


Adopt Together:  for online giving.

If you want to send a check, just make it payable to: Adopt TogetherBe sure and put our name on the envelope and the memo area and mail it to:

251 W. Central Ave #278
Springboro, OH 45066


All contributions are tax deductible


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