A Hello Letter

LetsGo.stacked“Let’s GO!”

I love that phrase.  It denotes action.  Movement.  Direction.  Purpose.  These are all words that drive my life.  I like to be on the move.  I need to be pointed in a direction.   I must have purpose.

And this is why I have come back to Cross Church.  I love Cross Church.  Always have.  When I was 19 years old, I had the privilege of serving as a youth intern for Cross Church the summer after my freshman year at OBU.  That was when I first met Ronnie Floyd.  It was was 1989.  My next exposure to Cross Church came in 1997.  Through a series of God-circumstances, I came back to Springdale, Arkansas, to lead the Bible department of Shiloh Christian School.  The next nine years were “magical.”  Our kids grew up (Grayson was born), we made friends with some of the best people on the planet.  My ability to minister exploded with Shiloh, then Cross Church Pinnacle Hills, then back at Shiloh.  My exposure to the best leadership in the country as exhibited by Dr. Ronnie Floyd, would eventually propel me…away.  Movement, direction, and purpose, led me to Fort Smith and back to my home church to a pastorate that would last seven wonderful years.  Never in my heart or mind did I ever believe I would return to Cross Church.  But my ways are not His ways, and my thoughts are not His thoughts.

And so I am back.  Back at Cross Church.  Back in Northwest Arkansas.  Back “home” in so many of the same ways that Fort Smith is to me.  Things have changed – nothing stays the same.  I have changed.  For the better I hope.  And I am ready to go!

The Cross Church School of Ministry will be a unique residential program of study for those called to ministry unlike anything else in the country.  We will produce the best pastors, youth ministers, worship leaders, children’s ministers, etc. in the country.  They will come to us.  Then they will go from us.

And so I say, “Let’s Go!”


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