Daniel’s Laws of Leadership: Law #5


The last of Daniel’s Laws of Leadership is the Law of Faith.  It states that great leaders display a great faith.

It is common for great leaders to endure great criticism.  It’s sort of like the game I used to play with my brothers when I was a kid called King of the Hill.  The object of the game was to get to the top of the hill and stay there by throwing everybody else off.  Now Daniel certainly never got to the top of the hill by throwing anybody off, but once he was there he had no shortage of critics looking to knock him off the top.  They looked and looked and could find nothing on him.  Daniel was a man of outstanding character with an extraordinary spirit.  He was above corruption, trustworthy, and exceptionally responsible.

And so there was only one area on which his critics could attack him:  His faith.  And listen to me because this is very important:  The only reason they could attack Daniel’s faith was because he displayed his faith.  Daniel was not one of those leaders who had a “private” faith, or a “personal” religion, or who was “spiritual.”  No.  Daniel had a live, vibrant faith that could not be missed.  His faith impacted every area of his life and leadership and people knew Whom he worshipped.

When I think of Daniel and his great faith, I think today of the Green family and Hobby Lobby, or the Cathy family and Chick-fil-a.  These families led by great leaders display a great faith and are unashamed.  And while they are attacked and criticized at times because of their great faith, they refuse to relent.  They are Daniel’s living among us today.

Question: Do people know you are a Christian?


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