Daniel’s Laws of Leadership: Law #4


We all have responsibilities, things for which others rely upon us.  No man stands on an island alone.  I will use myself as an example.  I am a pastor.  I have a church that relies upon me.  I am also a husband and a father.  My wife and kids count on me.  Each day is a new day to step to the plate and deliver or to choose self and let my responsibilities slide.  I am also a son.  My mother and father live in the same neighborhood as I do.  As they age they count on me in new ways.  Last week my own son, Garrett, and I went over to help my Dad split some wood from a tree he fell in his yard.  He could have probably done it himself, but given his age and my proximity, I felt responsible…and I was.

The fourth of Daniel’s Leadership Laws is the Law of Responsibility.  It says: Great leaders take care of that for which they are responsible. 

You need only look around today to see this law of leadership violated.  One of the main reasons the divorce rate is so high in America and the nuclear family is now in the minority is because people tend to choose self over responsibility.  We live in a “me culture” instead of a “we culture.”  We glorify the self.  And as a result our society is suffering.  Chicago is a good example.  Much has been said recently about the out of control murder rate in that great city.  Gangs are on the move and youth on youth violence is spiraling out of control, particularly in the black community.  And what is missing? Fathers.  There is a lack of male presence in the home among back youths in Chicago because men are neglecting their responsibilities and choosing self over family.  And now a whole section of a metropolitan city suffers.  These are not popular things to say and certainly not politically correct.  Some might even challenge the above sentiment, but that would only further illustrate a continued violation of this important law of leadership.

We are told in Daniel 6 that Daniel was a man of whom no negligence was found.  That means he took care of business.  He had responsibilities and he made sure that nothing slipped, even if it meant laying down his own personal choices.

Question: Do you take care of business?


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