Daniel’s Laws of Leadership: Law #2


Lord Acton is best known for the now clichéd, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  Lord Acton also said that, “Great men are almost always bad.” 

Why are great men almost always bad? Because absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely.  This was true when Lord Acton said it in 1887, it is true today, and it was true in the time of Daniel.  Man is sinful and when given authority and power we tend to become corrupt.

Daniel’s Second Law of Leadership is the Law of Corruption.  It says:  Great leaders live by the same rules as everyone else. 

In verse 4 of Daniel 6, we are told that no corruption was found in Daniel.  Daniel is actually one of the only people in the entire Bible of which nothing negative is ever said.  Why is this?  Because Daniel understood the human condition.  He understood that he himself was susceptible to sin, and he made a conscious decision to never violate the Law of Corruption.  He determined in himself that he was going to always live his life by the same rules as everyone else – no matter how high up the ladder he climbed.

In my years of ministry leadership I have observed two areas where other leaders most often violate this law.  Two areas where they live by different rules than others:  Money and Morality.  The more powerful one becomes, these two areas seem to always rise up as the weak spot for most.  It becomes very easy to misuse money, money from others.  And it becomes so tempting to violate God’s expectation for sexual purity.

Daniel never fell to either of these temptations.  Daniel was truly a great leader.

Question:  Do you live your life by the same rules as everyone else?


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