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If you’ve been following my blog you know that my wife and I are in the process of adopting a little girl from Colombia, South America.  We are so excited about adding a precious child to our family!  As of right now, we have completed the lengthy process of compiling a dossier for submission to the Colombian government.  Basically, lots and lots of paperwork.  The dossier includes our home study, psychological evaluations, FBI fingerprint clearance, USCIS biometrics and United States government approval to adopt, financial records, etc.  We are prayerfully anticipating approval to adopt from the Colombian government very soon, perhaps within a few weeks.  At that point we will go on a waiting list.  Because we have chosen to adopt an older child in the 8-9 year old age range, our wait list time is 3-6 months.  So it is very possible that we could go to Colombia to bring our daughter home sometime in the spring or early summer.

It has been a joy to share the excitement of this adoption process with friends, family and our church.  People ask me all the time, “How’s the process coming along?”  We are grateful for the love and support of so many.  Adoption is one of those things that touches people at a very deep level.  While many people may not feel called to adopt or be able to adopt, we have discovered that people want to help.

I recently became aware of a wonderful non-profit group called Adopt Together.  They specialize in providing a vehicle via individual family websites where people who want to help couples adopt can give and make it possible.  The number one challenge to adoption is the expense.  When Julie and I had our first two children, it cost us $10 each.  That was it!  This was back in the days of PPO insurance plans.  We were in seminary at the time and hardly had any money so this was a huge blessing.  When we had our third child we paid the 80/20 that was our insurance plan at the time.  Certainly more than just $10 but still doable.  Even if a couple has to pay for the whole of a biological delivery, expensive though it may be, those costs are still dwarfed by the cost of adoption.  We stepped out on faith when we answered the call to adopt and as honestly as I can say, we are not worried at all about the finances of our adoption.  The costs really equal the cost of a nice new  car, something many people by without much thought and may keep only 5 years or so.  A child is for life.  So the cost is really unimportant.  That said, we know that people want to help.  So I would invite you to check out our Adopt Together website.  Just helping us by passing the website on to your friends via Facebook and Twitter is a help in and of itself.  We want everyone to know we are adopting.  Our story may encourage someone else to adopt.  There are SO many children who need forever families.  And if anyone wanted to help by giving a tax-deductible donation to our Adopt Together website, that would be a blessing to us as well!

I invite you to check back here for more updates about our adoption as things unfold.  Thanks for sharing the journey with us.


8 responses to “Adopt Together”

  1. jeannemott says :

    I’m really enjoying your Bible study series and blogs. Congratulations on the upcoming adoption. I wonder why, though, so many people adopt children from other countries when there are innumerable children in foster care here in our country that need to be adopted. Why did you not choose to adopt here? Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

    • jeffcraw4d says :

      Thanks for reading Jeanne and for the comment and question. The answer to why we are adopting internationally is a mixture of several things. My wife and I have a love for Latin America and for world missions. We believe that international adoption is a Great Commission kind of thing. Most people never consider that the command to make disciples begins at home. In terms of making disciples of all nations, adopting internationally is an exciting way to engage the Great Commission via our family. There is also the issue of “greatest need.” If you were trying to address hunger, many feel that the best way to go at it is to give to the area of greatest need. We certainly have hungry people here in America but it is nothing compared to hunger around the world. Adoption is similar. Yes, there are orphans in America but our system tends to be much better than the systems of many foreign countries. I want to be careful here because I am NOT saying we should ignore orphans in America. We should not ignore orphans anywhere. It really comes down to individual families and what they are led to do. I wish more people would take the step of adoption, either domestically or internationally. For our family, we have a definite call to Colombia (that’s a whole other awesome story) to find our little girl!

      • My Baker's Dozen says :

        Hi Jeff, I found your blogpost as I was researching using AdoptTogether. I just had to say I really liked your response to the above commentator. We are in the process of our 10th adoption {3 bio kids are thrown into our sweet pile!}….bringing our total to a Baker’s Dozen! May God bless you! PS Thanks for the words about AdoptTogether. I’m headed to fill out the paperwork now.

  2. Kristin says :

    I thank you for sharing your adoption story! May I ask what agency you went through to adopt in Colombia? My husband and I are considering adoption and feel called to Latin America. Any info or blogs/websites to get us in the right direction would be so appreciated. Also, do you know if it is at all possible to adopt sibling groups or multiple children at one time? I know in Asia, they are pretty strict on just adopting one child at a time.
    Thank you again & God Bless!

    • jeffcraw4d says :

      Hi Kristen. We are using Dillon International and they have been WONDERFUL to work with. They have an in country partnership with Julyana Adoption Consultants which has been extremely helpful in navigating the particulars of Colombian adoption. I can’t recommend them enough. And YES they do adopt sibling groups. Sibling groups are considering “special needs” in Colombia which means that the whole process is expeditied for these kids. I would also recommend joining the Colombian Adoption Forum on Yahoo. It has been a good source of interaction with lots of other families adopting from Colombia. God bless you and best wishes and prayers as you move forward!

  3. Kim says :

    I know it is a year since you wrote this post, but I would like to find out about your experiences with AdoptTogether. My husband and I are in the process of adopting from China, and we have a profile with AdoptTogether that we just started. But, I am feeling I need to do a little more homework. Was the process for obtaining grant money pretty straighforward? Any issues?

    • jeffcraw4d says :

      Kim thanks for the comment. I can tell you that our experience with AdoptTogether was fantastic. They were everything that they promised to be. The grant process was very simple very easy and very quick. Basically you just fill out one form and send it to them with any sort of documentation as to your your expenses and then they cut you a check based on the amount of money that has been given to your account. The whole process worked so well for us that frankly I don’t think we could’ve raised the money we did without it. Hope that helps! Good luck and blessings as you journey toward your China doll!

  4. erin1391 says :

    Thank you so much for this post! My husband and I are adopting from Moldova. I’ve been iffy about these grant organizations, but it is a relief to read you had a good experience with Adopt Together. Thank you!

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