Mission Colombia


For those who follow this blog you know that my wife and I are adopting a little girl from Colombia.  In fact, just this past week our completed dossier was finalized and translated into Spanish and is on its way to presentation before the ICBF (the Colombian government agency that approves adoption).  So we are very close to being on a 3-6 month waiting list.  God is good!

Well today it just so happens I am headed to Colombia for the first time.  Not because of the adoption, but because of the Great Commission.  Our church is developing a partnership with our IMB missionary families in Leticia, Colombia.  Leticia is located in the very southern most tip of the southern peninsula of Colombia.  This is the Amazonia region of South America with Leticia itself being right on the Peruvian and Brazilian borders.  Up and down the Amazon River system are indigenous tribes of unreached peoples.  This is our mission.  I am traveling with our mission pastor, Scott Ward, and we will spend three days this week boating the Amazon and meeting with two (and possibly) three tribes of people.

This will be my third trip to South America.  Once to Argentina, once to Ecuador, and now to this exotic part of the world via Colombia.  I would ask for your prayers and as always, should cell service permit, I invite you to follow updates and pics (and maybe a video or two) via Twitter.  Don’t have Twitter? Just come back here to the blog and the live Twitter feed is located on the left column of this page.

Gotta go now…I’m starting to hear the Indiana Jones music in my head…


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