A Call To Pray


On November 6th, voters will go to the polling booth to elect Barack Obama or Mitt Romney as President of the United States.  This is an important election.  It has been termed by some as the most important election of our times.  Our nation is weak economically.  The weakness of the United States has had a global ripple effect.  The United States is also a target of radical Islam, which, as we saw last week, can have a major global ripple effect at any moment.   These are precarious times and leadership is more important than ever.

This is why Christians need to pray.  The matters at hand go beyond whether you are Republican or Democrat.  The problems are our nation and the world face are bigger than what either party has brought to the table in recent history.  We need leadership.  Strong, wisdom seeking, God focused leadership.  Period.  This is why we are calling for prayer.

So on September 28th, the membership of my church is going to pray…for 40 days.  I invite you to join with us.  The exercise to pray for our nation for 40 days is not unique to our church.  In fact, I got the idea from Max Lucado who is sponsoring a national call for all Christians to pray.  You can sign the pledge to pray by clicking here.

We are also using a wonderful tool that we have made available to our membership.  If My People is a 40 day devotional designed to lead the believer into prayer for our nation.  These books are available at Grand for $2 or you can purchase them online.

So fellow follower of Jesus, won’t you answer the call?  Won’t you join us for 40 days of prayer beginning September 28th?  What more could we do that would have more impact?


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