Chicken Sandwiches and the New Normal


In every state where same-sex marriage has been voted on, it has failed.  Every state.  The majority of America supports the biblical definition of marriage.  But this has not stopped the media, celebrities, judges, and politicians from attempting to shove the redefinition of marriage and family down the collective throats of USAmerica.  The latest example has been the reaction to Dan Cathy’s comments in support of the biblical definition of marriage.  Apparently the vocal minority (who we’ve been told are the champions of tolerance and open mindedness) finds it totally unacceptable for the head of a private business to have such views.  It is interesting, however, that as of just three months ago Barack Obama and Dan Cathy shared the same view on marriage.  The only real difference between the two is that people actually believed Dan Cathy when he said he believed marriage was between a man and a woman. 

I’ve been watching the Olympic coverage each evening this week and have noticed that NBC has taken advantage of the additional viewership to promo its fall lineup.  One new show caught my attention.  The New Normal is about a single, Midwestern mom who moves to L.A. and moves in with two gay men with her eight year old daughter in tow.  The NBC promo begins with the question, “What makes a family?” and a website video promo is titled, “Re-defining traditional.”  We are eagerly racing toward the culture of Romans 1.  A culture that hates God, champions perversion, invents new ways of practicing evil, and not only allows such behavior but “applauds” that behavior…labeling it the new normal.

This is where the line in the sand has been drawn.  And the values of a chicken restaurant have made that line crystal clear.  Rarely do the majority have the opportunity to speak.  But once again, the opportunity to buy a chicken sandwich gave the majority their voice.  So on August 1st, thousands of people across the nation clogged parking lots and roads voting for free speech and the biblical definition of marriage with their time and pocket books. 


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