Our Family On Mission

Later this week, I am headed to Wyoming to spend a week with the Northern Arapaho people group on the Wind River Reservation.  This is something I have been looking forward to for over a year.  Last year, our church sent a team to work with this people group and see if the makings were there for a strategic, ongoing partnership.  The trip was a huge success and the partnership was born.  And so this year I am headed out with my family and about 40 other folks from our church.  The Northern Arapaho are considered an unreached people group.  An unreached people group, by definition, is less than 2% Christian.  It is beyond belief to me that within the borders of the continental United States there could be living a group of people who, as a whole, have not been exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  How is this possible??  My only explanation is that Satan has a grip on these people.  Somehow, after 236 years in a nation that was founded on biblical principles, this group, right in our backyard, has been overlooked as churches have taken the Gospel around the globe.  And so we are going.  We will be leading a Vacation Bible School, constructing a park, working in a reservation orphanage, etc. My particular role will be to lead a sports camp during the day.  In the evening I will be preaching at a revival that we will host at a “white” church in Riverton.  I believe the key to reaching the Northern Arapaho will involve igniting a passion for reaching these people among the Christians that already live there.  I am not naïve.  There is real tension between people groups and the “white” man is greatly distrusted by the Arapaho.  So in all we are doing, one of our central goals is to simply build relationships and knock down barrier.  To earn the right to tell them about Jesus.  We will also be bathing the reservation in prayer.

So I am excited.  This will be the first mission trip I have ever taken with my whole family.  Me, wife, and kids.  All of us on mission.

It’s over 1300 miles to Riverton, Wyoming.  Along the way we plan to check out some of the beautiful national landmarks along the way.  I’ve always wanted to see Mount Rushmore.  Rapid City, South Dakota, has always been too far out of the way, of pretty much everything, for me to make it there.  But it just so happens to be on the way to Wyoming.  And so too is the Badlands National Park, The Devil’s Tower (of Close Encounters of the Third Kind fame), and Riverton is just a few hours from the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.  Yep, this should be one great trip.  Feel free to follow me on Twitter for updates and pics of the mission and the land.


One response to “Our Family On Mission”

  1. David White says :


    Walking in LOVE and FORGIVENESS is the way of Creator.


    Living in peace with all men, as much as possible, requires PATIENCE and WISDOM.

    FREE WILL is a gift from Creator. Every man can choose in his heart what he will THINK, what he will SPEAK and what he will DO.

    Creator’s laws are written on our hearts. We call it our conscience.
    Every man knows what is right in his heart.

    Building bridges with clear communication, seeking to understand, looking at INTENTION…these are ways we can co-exist with our neighbors.

    Those that truly follow Creator do not judge or condemn…they LOVE.

    TRUE LEADERS are peacemakers that work for UNITY, not division.

    How can we receive our neighbors who wish to bring a message?

    We are free to decide if and when the messenger comes.

    We are free to listen, or not, free to consider the message or reject it.

    We are free to remain in our traditional ways, according to our conscience.

    We are free to grow in understanding and wisdom, from whatever source.

    The Spirit of the Living God IS LOVE.

    Hearts guided by PEACE and FREEDOM will allow others to go the way of their consciences, according to their free will.

    Reject any message of condemnation, for this is NOT the heart of God.

    God gives LIFE. Man’s lack of wisdom takes it away. CHOOSE.

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