The Wonderful World of the Digital Bible

We live in great and exciting times when it comes to the distritubtion and access to the Bible!  Never before in human history have we ever had such access and tools to read and study the Bible as we have today.  The key has been technology.  In the past, a Bible had to be translated, printed, published, packaged, shipped, marketed, sold, and THEN read.  Today, once the Bible is translated it can literally be on hundreds of thousands of portable devices like an iphone, ipad, android, etc. in MINUTES.

One of the tools we have tapped into at Grand is YouVersion.  It is an app for your phone or ipad that lets you follow along with enhanced sermon notes while I preach.  YouVersion, which is built around access to multiple Bible translations, was launched in 2008 with the hope of 80,000 downloads the first year.  It had 83,000 downloads in three days.  Today,YouVersion offers the Bible free of charge in 160 versions in 51 languages.  This is AMAMZING.

Consider that EVERY 60 SECONDS on YouVersion:

  • 20 new daily Bible reading plans are started
  • 23 Bible passages are shared on Facebook
  • 69 new installs of the app on devices
  • 78 Bible passages bookmarked
  • 298 Bible passages are highlighted
  • 368 Bible reading plans are COMPLETED
  • 6,567 Bible chapters are viewed
  • 40,747 minutes of Bible engagement
(statistics provided by Christianity Today, June 2012)


With that said, I’d like to commend to you a new Bible resource for your computer, iphone or ipad called Bible 360.  Bible 360 is the exact same thing as the Glo Bible but there are plans to expand the content of Bible 360 aggresively.  So if you are trying to decide which one to go with, dowlonad Bible 360.  The initial download is FREE and worth the look.  I have been playing with it on my ipad and it is fantasitc. Bible 360 is all about bringing the Bible to life via technology and media.  Currently, Bible 360 is loaded with 2,377 beautiful photos, 712 pieces of artwork, 547 visual tours, 143 maps, and 26 videos.  As I said the preview is FREE and pretty extensive.  To get full access to all the goodies will cost you an upgrade fee of $34.99.  And as I said there are plans to add content from producer Mark Burnett (creator of Survivor, one of my favorite shows) and this should be very exciting.

Check out Bible 360 and if you are not already, plug into the exciting new world of the “digital” Word of God!


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