Things I Learned From My Mom


Mother’s Day is Sunday.  I am a fortunate man and pastor to be able to have my mom as a member of my congregation.  I’ll admit that when I came to Grand just over six years ago that it was a little bit intimidating to become the Pastor for my parents.  It’s certainly a rare circumstance that such a thing would happen and honestly I was more worried about me making their life more miserable than them affecting me.  But God has been good and as we have both (my parents and I) grown into this arrangement, I can say that it is a blessing!

And so, in honor of my wonderful mother, and as a build up to Mother’s Day, I would like to share a brief list of things I have learned from my Mom.

1.  My mother is Mom.  The term “mother” is somewhat formal and the term “mom” is more intimate.  I prefer “Mom.”  And I think she does too.  My Mom is a classy lady and handles herself with grace.  But when it comes to her children, she drops the wall a bit.  We have access that others don’t.  And it has always been that way, even as I have grown into adulthood.

2.  The value of home.  My dad was an over-the-road truck driver for over 40 years.  That means he was gone from home a lot.  That means it fell to my mom to “hold down the fort.”  And boy she did.  It was recently suggested in the current political climate that stay-at-home moms don’t “work.”  That’s BULL.  My mom worked hard chasing four kids around, cleaning up, taking us to any and everything we wanted to go to, arranging lessons, and club meetings, being at school events, taking us to church, buying groceries, cooking, cleaning, and doing it ALL without complaining.  I never heard my mom complain one day about her “job.”  Because of her, our house was a home.

3.  Dad is the boss.  My mom ruled with a firm hand.  She had to.  As I said, my dad was gone a lot, but he was not absent.  It was always crystal clear in our home that dad was the final authority.  If my mom ever had to say, “Wait until your dad gets home…,” then I knew we had crossed over into a whole other dimension of discipline.  I watched growing up as my mom differed to my dad’s authority, as she honored him, loved him, and took care of him between those long road trips.

4.  Other’s first.  As I think back about all my mom did and was and is, I can say that one thing I learned from her was that others come first.  My mom is a giver and has always been.  She puts aside her own wishes and desires for others.  She would always buy us kids new clothes before she ever bought for herself. 

5.  Peace.  Peace is something that does not come naturally.  We live in a war torn world with war torn people.  The family is under assault and divorce seems to be the norm.  My mom mastered the art of peace in her life and in our home.  It was always calm and under control in our house.  My mom just knew how to bring peace in the midst of the storm.  I didn’t appreciate or even realize this growing up and I thought that the peace in our home was the norm for all homes.  Only as I grew did I see and hear stories of my friends and what life was like at home for them.  In the midst of a crazy world, your home should be a sanctuary of peace.  Thanks to my mom, ours was.

Thanks, Mom.


4 responses to “Things I Learned From My Mom”

  1. Ann Hearn says :

    Jeff, what a wonderful testimony about your mother. I thank God that Becky and Bob are our friends and we get to enjoy their fellowship.
    Ann Hearn

  2. Charles B. Hearn says :

    Thanks Jeff for sharing. What a wonderful family you belong to. It has been my privilege to know and oblerve all of you and to have some personal relatonship with some. I would say from my insight “The Bob Crawford family , it’s entirety is IDEAL.

  3. Judith Lamb says :

    I agree that you are blessed having Becky as your Mom. I’ve only had the privilege of knowing her and Bob for a short time but, Tom and I both think she (they) are wonderful people and great examples of true Christian love. We really do count it a privilege to be in the same Bible study class with them. Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned from her.

  4. lisatresch says :

    I think your mom is pretty great too! She was always so calm in the midst of a houseful of kids (I didn’t live in a house like that so it was always so great to come and stay at yours!) This is a beautiful tribute to a godly woman. Happy Mother’s Day Aunt Becky!

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