How the Church Will Change the World


There are two things that any organization needs if it is going to grow and impact change on the world around it.  Those two things are: 1) a message, and 2) a mission.  The church is no different and, in fact, we have the highest calling possible as an organization for world change.  So what is the message and mission of the church?  It’s really simple!  Our message is the Gospel.   And our mission is the Great Commission.  Listen, there are lots of churches in our country and even in our cities.  The sad reality is that most churches in USAmerica are not growing.  In fact, most have plateaued or are declining.  I think that churches lose their steam for world change for a couple of reasons.

First, they forget what their message and mission is.  I’ve been in ministry a long time now and I can tell you from experience that there are distractions everywhere that cause churches to lose their message and mission.  In fact, it is sometimes easier to find a church where there is no mention of the Gospel or the Great Commission than it is to find one built around these two pillars.

Second, churches plateau or decline because even though they may talk a lot about the Gospel and the Great Commission, they have no real vision and strategy to put feet to their words.  All talk and no walk.  It happens ALL the time in churches.

As a pastor I have purposed and committed to lead my church to grow and impact our world for change.  And my plan is simple.  I will always, always, always keep the church on MESSAGE and on MISSION.  You will here me teach and preach the message of the Gospel constantly and fervently.  I will lift high the banner of Jesus Christ.  You will also here me talking about the Great Commission as our missional goal.  I will do this all the time in word, print, video, social media, etc.  But these will not be just words for the church.  I will be pushing us in unending ways to put feet to these important words.  The VISION of our church was laid out last year.  We are a church that is REACHING the RIVER VALLEY, the UNITED STATES, and the NATIONS for JESUS CHRIST.  This vision dictates our strategy.  It is why we are planting a second campus of our church in our city.  We want to do MORE to win the River Valley.  It is why we are partnered in Wyoming and Alaska.  We want to do MORE to win the United States.  It is why we have partnerships in Ecuador, Honduras, Tanzania, Tajikistan, Italy, and Colombia.  We want to do MORE to win the nations.

It’s about GOING and GROWING.  It’s about the GOSPEL and the GREAT COMMISSION.  The “G” in our logo certainly stands for GRAND, but it also stands for a whole lot more!


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