Jesus is not dead…


…He was dead.  But he’s not dead anymore.

A dead man coming back to life.  Sounds absurd, I’ll grant you that.  It’s the stuff we lock people away for proclaiming today.  Yet, millions of people around the world who carry the banner of Jesus Christ not only make this fantastic claim but stake their immediate reputations and eternal destiny upon it.

If we are wrong, if Jesus died and stayed dead, like everyone else who has ever lived, then we are fools.  We are also wasting a lot of time and resources.  I understand that.  

BUT…if it is true.  If Jesus did come back to life…well, then, that is a game-changer.  Not just for those who believe the claim but for those who do not believe it.  Jesus coming back to life affects the whole of humanity.

And yes, I believe.  I would not believe such a claim about anyone else, but I believe it about Jesus.  I believe it because of the mass of evidence. The hundreds of documented eye-witnesses.  The inability of the Roman government to refute the claim.  The inability of the Jewish Sanhedrin to refute the claim.  The lack of a body.  The unexplained boldness of a previously cowardice group of disciples.  The multi-sourced written narrative of the account.

I believe because it has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.  Not a shadow of doubt, but a reasonable doubt.  The same standard that we hold to in our courts of law.  The same standard that we use to send a man to the death chamber.  

Yes, it is this same standard that has been met about a man who came back to life.  Jesus.

I believe.


2 responses to “Jesus is not dead…”

  1. John Martin says :

    This is the truth. I totally agree. The evidence is there. One would be an idiot to dispute it.

  2. Johnny Spicer says :

    Well said! It is amazing so many people will not beleive in the resurrection of Christ but hold on to traditions like the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus? we must keep proclaiming the Truth so that we will be found faithful in the end.

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