The Color of Creation


I spent last week in one of the most stunningly beautiful places on planet earth – Arches National Park in Southern Utah.  I led a group of men on what we called the Iron Man Adventure Trek.  We drove the 18 hours to Moab, Utah, then we spent the rest of the week camping and hiking the trails of Arches.  I drove through this area when I was a kid and my family moved from Arkansas to Utah.  Fifteen years ago was the last time I drove though this high desert region.  I knew then that one day I wanted to do more than drive.  That “one day” became last week. 

Here is a short summary of what I learned this past week plus a few photos (that don’t even touch the reality of this area’s beauty)

1.  God’s color palate is more diverse and full than I ever imagined.

2.  I never cease to be awed at the creativity of God when interacting with his creation.

3.  I am saddened that the National Park Service bends over backwards to avoid talking about “God” when conducting its formal guided hikes. 

4.  I am amused that no matter how hard the National Park Service tries to avoid talking about God that they cannot avoid “creation” language.  God is just unavoidable in the face of the obvious.

5.  Connecting with God is easy when living life in His laboratory.

6.  The fellowship of Christian men in God’s creation is utter refreshment in a world of human monotony.   

7.  A week with my son, with Christian men, in God’s creation, is THE BEST WAY EVER to spend Spring Break.

8.  God provides the most endearing memories. 














3 responses to “The Color of Creation”

  1. proactiveoutside1 says :

    Looks like it was a good time!

  2. Kevin Yoder says :

    Thanks for posting, Jeff. I couldn’t agree more with your eight points. Big thank you’s to both you and Scott for leading. It was a great trip, great fellowship, and I hope other men in our church have a similar opportunity sometime in the future.

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