Israel at War


There is much in the news right now about the likelihood that Israel will risk war with Iran by launching airstrikes to prevent them from finishing their development of a nuclear bomb.  The truth is that Israel is already fighting a war.  One that is virtually ignored by all news outlets.

Take this past weekend for instance.  By the end of Sunday, 130+ rockets had been fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip.  That’s right, 130 rockets…since Friday.   Imagine that the county you live in was under rocket assault on that level, essentially the equivalent of three rockets per hour.  What would your response be?   Israel’s response is to continue to send food and supplies to the citizens of Gaza.  In fact, just five days ago (about three days before the weekend rocket attacks), Israel sent 2,502 tons of supplies including gasoline and fruit.  The day before that, they sent 4,665 tons of supplies.  This is another item deleted from typical media news coverage.   Usually all we hear are reports of Israeli maltreatment of the Palestinians.  Everything I mentioned above goes uncovered.

The hatred and vitriol toward Israel continues around the world in spite of the constant threat this tiny country is under.  I witnessed the irrational reaction first hand this weekend on Twitter when I Tweeted about the attacks on Israel and the rising tied of violence from Muslims on Christians around the world.   The following was a response from @ DeucePrez “Wrong continents and analysis.  Try again…! #Islamaphobia”,  and later, @DeusePrez, “That’s a curious ‘fact’. I haven’t even heard that ‘fact’ from the lying conservative networks in their talks on US events…!”  And then this response from @ectomorfo “It’s reported all over the Western news, unlike how the Israelis broke a ceasefire to murder and maim including civilians in #Gaza.”

So make no mistake about it.   Israel is at war.  They are fighting a war of rockets in spite of immense humanitarian aide and they are fighting a war of disinformation in the face of the unreported assault on the people of their country.

Pray for Israel.


4 responses to “Israel at War”

  1. proactiveoutside1 says :

    Interesting take. This is an incredibly complex problem, and it’s not black and white. Palestinians don’t have an easy life, and the encroachment of settlements, which are being built despite agreements made to stop the practice, continue. A stifled economy, little freedom of movement and at times demeaning living conditions have pushed some Palestinians toward violent groups like Hamas and Hezbollah.

    The second issue here is the conflict with Iran. Benjamin Netanyahu has been very strident in his statements about attacking Iran’s nuclear sites. Iran has in turn used it proxies (Hamas and Hezbollah) to wage violent acts against Israel, as a sort of warning. Iran’s government is using Israel and the US to distract its own citizens from their domestic woes — creating more conflict with its “boogeymen” provides the needed distraction. So Iran’s involvement in the Palestinian territories has a very political purpose for those in power in Iran.

    Polls show a majority of the Israeli people do not want war with Iran and are against a strike against Iran. Even Israel’s military leaders have been very cool to Netanyahu’s stated military goals.

    What Israel needs from us is, yes, our prayers. But Israel also needs our leaders to tone down the rhetoric and help the Israelis and the Palestinians resolve their differences peacefully. Many people in the evangelical community say it will never happen, and some say we should not even consider any of the Palestinians’ concerns.

    I think it is shameful not to try. And Jesus told us, “Blessed are the peacemakers.” Despite the enormity of the task, we must try, and we must keep cooler heads. A regional war in southwest Asia would just bring more death and destruction, and invariably it will affect noncombatants who only want to live their lives in peace.

    And more to the point, it won’t bring peace to the people of Israel. Or anyone else.

    • jeffcraw4d says :

      Bob – excellent and thoughtful response with multiple perspectives. I do think that clearly Israel will never be at peace with it’s neighbors as indicated by biblical prophecy. God’s plan involves the increase of tension until a future war (Ezekiel 38-39) and then the apocalyptic events of Revelation. That said, I agree that there COULD be peace with the Palestinians although I see that as unlikely, and not because Israel would not like it – they have already conceded much land for naught. One image that has stuck with me goes back to my visit to Israel last summer. Our group was walking through the Muslim quarter of Jerusalem. This is not Gaza or the Golan, it is a free area controlled by the Muslim Palestinians. We were clearly not Jews although we were also clearly foreign. I cannot get out of my head a little boy of around 4-5 years of age who walked past us with a “toy” assault weapon “pretending” to fire it at us. We have toy weapons in the US but not of this design and it seemed clear to all in our group that this little guy had been conditioned. It was unnerving to say the least and I left feeling that something really horrible is going on in Israel among the Palestinians. Something that does not bode well for future peace.

      • proactiveoutside1 says :

        Hard to say. I see kids with toy guns play shooting at people plenty. But in the context of this being an Arab child, in a land where the conflict between Arab and Jew is so sharp, the image becomes more powerful. I agree with you on what biblical prophecy says, though we are not guaranteed that this is indeed the time. There have been times in the past, pre-Crusades, that Muslim, Jew and Christian all lived in Jerusalem in peace. People need security, but they also need their dignity. Strip a man of dignity, and of hope, and they become desperate.

        I am sure that we’ve all been given a strong Jewish perspective of life in Israel, and the challenges Israelis face these days. What we don’t see is what life is like in Gaza and the West Bank, and even within Israel for Israeli Arabs (who are citizens). Conditions for these people must improve. And while believers have a strong reason to be supportive of the Jewish state, we are also compelled to have compassion on all people, to see them as God sees them, and to stand up for the downtrodden. I believe that a tour of Israel is incomplete without getting to see life in the Palestinian territories, as impractical as that may be.

        Without a doubt, the Palestinians have many problems, their leadership corrupt and misguided. They must change their ways to find peace. Israel must also change.

  2. Justin Case says :

    Thanks for acknowledging that there are 2 sides to that coin.

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