Mormonism & Christianity: The Same or Different


Two years ago, Grand Avenue Baptist Church hosted an event that few churches of any kind would ever attempt – a live two-hour debate between a Christian and Muslim over the topic of Jesus and the Resurrection.  The event drew hundreds of people from around the region and was a huge success.  People overwhelmingly affirmed the experience and said they would love to do it again.

Well, we are doing it again…

And this time the topic is: Mormonism & Christianity: The Same or Different?

The timing of this important event is critical.  Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts and a Mormon, stands on the threshold of the Republican nomination for President of the United States.  Never before has a Mormon been this close to the White House.  People are asking lots of great questions about what Mormon’s believe and how it compares to orthodox Christianity.  Controversy entered into the fray in October of last year when Dr. Robert Jeffress, the pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas, called Mormonism a cult and said that he would “hold his nose” and vote for Mitt Romney.

On Tuesday, March 6th, more states will hold their primary vote than on any other day in the election cycle.  March 6th is SUPER TUESDAY.  This could be the day that pushes Mitt Romney over the edge and toward the Republican nomination.

On Sunday, March 4th, just two days before Super Tuesday, Grand Avenue Baptist Church will be hosting a live two-hour dialogue between an orthodox Christian and a Mormon.

James Walker is the president of Watchman Fellowship, a cult and world religion watchdog organization based in Dallas, Texas.  James is no stranger to Grand and is always well received.

Joe Evans is the Seminary and Institute Coordinator of the Institute of Religion for the LDS church in Dallas, Texas.  Joe is a warm and engaging man who has been a member of the LDS church his whole life.  He has graciously accepted our invitation to come and discuss the belief system of the Mormon church.

This will be a timed event with both sides getting equal exposure.  We will also be taking live text messaged questions for James and Joe at the end.

This is a MUST attend event.  The topic is of critical importance and the opportunity to witness a live dialogue of this nature is a rare occurrence.

Make plans NOW to attend.

March 4th – 4:00-6:00 pm

Only at Grand Avenue Baptist Church

Fort Smith, Arkansas


5 responses to “Mormonism & Christianity: The Same or Different”

  1. Bill Newton says :


    With it being a Sunday I can’t be there. You guys gonna video this and make it available-I’d love to see it! Thanks for doing this kind of stuff 🙂

  2. Cj says :

    How can we get a copy? Thanks

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