And a child shall lead them…

I blogged recently about the hard wiring of morals built into the human DNA.  There are certain things that are just right and certain things that are just wrong…and we all know it.  Relativism does not only NOT work, but I believe it is dying.  Our culture has tried the “everybody make up your own truth” philosophy and it doesn’t work.  But that does not mean that Man is still not going to try and redefine what God says is right and what He says is wrong.

Case in point:  Marriage.  Brad and Angelina Jolie are the much-celebrated couple of six children together (three biological and three adopted).  And they refuse to marry.  But it appears that what Brad and Angelina see as right their children see as problematic.  Said Pitt recently, “We’re getting a lot of pressure from the kids.  It [marriage] means something to them. And they have questions when their friends parents are married and why is that.”

Imagine that – marriage means something to children.  But why?  How is this possible?  Apparently the “new normal” that Brad and Angelina are modeling for their kids isn’t taking.  Something more is at work.  Perhaps an ingrained awareness that a man and a woman with children is more than just a “relationship.”  Or at least it should be.

Brad and Angelina have said that they are holding out on marriage until all couples can do so legally.  I wonder what they mean by “all.”  A mother and son?  And father and son?  Or only non-related couples?  Sounds sort of closed minded on their part or either very perverted if all really does mean all.

If you need any further evidence that God has ordered his creation to function in certain and distinct ways, look no further than the wisdom of children.


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