Gay Marriage As Proof That God Exists


I read an article from on New Year’s Day that reported on Delaware and Hawaii becoming the two newest states that allow same sex civil unions.  Gay couples in both states lined up at midnight to perform ceremonies celebrating the occasion.   With the addition of Delaware and Hawaii, that brings the total of states either allowing same sex civil unions or gay marriage to eleven.  That is over 20% of our “United” States.  Make no mistake, the standard of what is “marriage” is changing in our country and I believe that we have reached the tipping point.  It is now just a matter of time before all 50 states endorse gay marriage.  It will happen slowly at first, one at a time, until the majority of states are on board, then the other states will change their laws more quickly.

The re-definition of marriage is a dangerous thing.  It is dangerous because it smacks of moral arrogance and because ultimately it thumbs its nose at God’s most basic order – one man plus one woman equals marriage.  That has been the standard for marriage from the beginning of time.

And that brings to light the whole discussion of standards.  Where exactly do our moral standards come from? Some would argue that there are no such things as moral standards.  These are dangerous people.  Psychology categorizes such people as sociopaths, people with no since of violation of other people’s rights.  We lock these people up and throw away the key because ALL the rest of us recognize that there are indeed moral standards.  Some things are just right and some things are wrong.  And so the question is begged: Where exactly do these standards come from?  Those who promote gay marriage and the atheist would say that moral standards are set by the current culture and then taught to children.  As the cultural norms change so do the moral standards.  That is why gay marriage was “wrong” generations ago but is “right” today.  People who then try to hold to the “old” standard are called all sorts of names like homophobe, bigot, closed minded, intolerant, etc. 

But there is a fundamental problem with the belief that moral standards are set by the culture – and that problem lies in the hard wiring of human DNA.  We, all of us, are born with an innate understanding of right and wrong.  C.S. Lewis argued for this aggressively and persuasively and I would agree with him.  All you have to do is observe any group of pre-school children.  Little Johnny is building a tower of blocks and along comes little Billy who knocks it down!  Johnny cries fowl.  He screams and tears flow.  Why?  Because Johnny knows that it is WRONG to knock over his tower of blocks.  Recently at our church, one of our three year olds was standing holding a toy.   Another little boy came along and jerked it out of his hand and cried, “Mine!”  But then along came a third boy, one who watched the whole exchange.  He walked up to the boy who took the toy and promptly took it from him and told him, “No,” and gave it back to the first boy.  These are three year olds.  How do you explain this?  Something much more than cultural norms and indoctrination is at work here.  These boys just know what is right and what is wrong.  That sense is part of the way they were created

And that brings us to God doesn’t it?  It is impossible to escape the logical conclusion that the existence of moral standards points back to a standard giver, or a standard maker.  Someone has to be the one that decides what is right and what is wrong or else we are all left to decide for ourselves and I don’t think any of us want to live in that kind of world. 

And that brings us back to the standard for marriage.  Marriage was God’s idea.  Not Man’s.  God was the one that created it and the one that defined it.  Can man thus come along and undo what God has done?  Well he can certainly try, but as I stated at the outset, this is dangerous business.  Let me explain….

Proponents of gay marriage readily admit that they are changing the moral standard.  That is without dispute.  But if we are going to move away from God’s standard there are a couple of very important questions that must be considered and answered.  First, what will the new standard be?  And second, who gets to set that standard?

Let’s deal with the first question.  The old standard for marriage is one man plus one woman.    What is the new standard?  Well as best as I can discern the new standard is simply “love.”  I’ve heard it expressed this way, “If two people love each other, then who are we to say they can’t be married just because they are of the same gender?”  Oh, it may not be worded exactly like this but in general this is how the explanation of the new moral standard goes.  But now we have a real problem (and I would note that we will always have problems when we move away from God’s standard).  Why does this get to be the standard?  If the standard is “love” then why stop at just two people?  Why not include three or more in the definition of marriage?  If they all love each other, then who are you to say they cannot be married?  Who are you to “intrude” on what they do behind closed doors?  Can we really condemn polygamy if we are going to move to this new moral standard?  And why stop there?  Can a mother now marry her son according to this new standard of love and consent?  “Oh, that’s gross and disgusting,” you may say.  But isn’t that what everyone said about homosexual activity a generation ago?  Are you just being intolerant and closed minded?  As long as it does not affect you, why should you care what a mother and son do?  What about a father and son getting married?  What about two sisters?  Three sisters?  What if a man wants to marry his dog?  If there is no God and we are all just equal forms of life on the evolutionary scale and if a dog loves his master, then why can’t they be married?  What…are you a closed minded speciesist? 

Yes, I am arguing from absurdity, but my point, I think is clear.  Once you make a move from the moral standard set by God, then how do you put the brakes on.  And that leads to the second question we must consider.

Who gets to decide the new standard?  The homosexual community is the driving force behind the change of the standard of marriage.  Well, why do they get to decide?  As I argue, that once you move the standard of marriage to include two men or two women then you can also include three or more, the people of the homosexual community become the very first ones to put the brakes on.  “Oh, no,” they say, “you can’t have three people in a marriage.  A marriage is two.”  Well who are they to be able to make that moral decision?  And that is what I meant when I spoke of moral arrogance.  The same people that call for a new standard will also be the ones to say, “No,” to moving the standard one more notch.  And that is the epitome of arrogance – the notion that one group, and only one group, knows what is morally acceptable for the rest of us.

So what are we left with?  Once you move away from God’s standard for marriage, there really is no moral ground left on which to stand.  You must go all the way and what you have in the end is no definition of marriage at all.  You have either the tyranny of a group that has seized the moral billy-club, or you have no moral standards at all.  We’ve already stated that none of us want to live in a world with no moral standards.  What we are left with is a group of people (and in the case of gay marriage it is the homosexual community) who don’t want to live under the authority of God’s moral standard so what they are trying to do is make everyone else live under their standard.  They are doing to others the exact same thing that they don’t like God doing to them.

Yes, God indeed does exist and He, in His infinite wisdom, has ordered the world and set a moral standard for us to live by.  And I for one would much rather live under God’s standard than under Man’s.


10 responses to “Gay Marriage As Proof That God Exists”

  1. amanda says :

    Well thought and said!

  2. Philip says :

    Okay, so you don’t want the homosexual’s to set the moral standard. I’m not a homosexual, but I think it is wrong to exclude a homosexual couple the same rights that are extended to heterosexual couples. Your slippery slope train of thought seems similar to worries about women voting, interracial marriages, etc…..

  3. One Salient Oversight says :

    The desire for homosexuals to legally marry is but one example of the difference between God’s morality and the morality of the world around us.

    We often look to the Ten Commandments as a sure guide to morality – as we should. But which of the ten commandments are not against civil law? 1) Worshipping gods apart from Yahweh, 2) the creation and worship of idols, 3) The taking of the Lord’s name in vain, 4) Not keeping the Sabbath, 5) Dishonouring your parents, 7) Committing adultery, 10) Coveting what others have.

    So far our laws cover Murder (6), Stealing (7) and Perjury (9).

    The point I’m making is that we live in a fallen world that has rejected God. We should expect the world of unbelief to recognise sin as virtue. The acceptance of Gay marriage should neither be unexpected nor feared amongst those who believe the Gospel – it’s just another way our world is expressing its rejection of Christ as Lord.

    Moreover we shouldn’t be afraid that this “moral decline” will lead to a slippery slope of chaos. Rich nations like America are not rich because they are somehow more moral than others – which means that society will continue and prosperity will be experienced with or without Gay Marriage.

    And for those who might quote parts of the Old Testament (eg Proverbs) in relation to this issue, remember that God’s promises were not to America, but to Israel.

  4. jeffcraw4d says :

    Thanks for reading and responding Philip – not sure what the slippery slopes of women voting and interracial marriage would have been (and even had their been one that logically does not preclude the strength of my argument), but the reality is that polygamy is against the law in America and if the current moral standard is moved then it becomes indefensible for polygamy (or any of the other scenarios I mentioned) to remain illegal – unless one group insists on holding moral superiority over the rest of us.

    • Philip says :

      Jeff, The slippery slope I am referring to is where you talk about where do we stop saying what constitutes a marriage as recognized by the US gov’t. I admit that I am far from the church these days, but I haven’t heard the “love” argument from any homosexuals that I know. I see the issue as a civil rights issue: why should the gov’t grant specials rights/benefits to two consenting adults ONLY if they are the opposite sec. Let’s just set the standard at two consenting adults. See my link in the my first response about the crazy jumping off points to bestiality and underage marriages that you seem to want to immediately go to if the current marriage standard is modified to just be “two consenting adults”.

      The reason I said the that your slippery slope train of thought is similar to women voting and interracial marriages, is that the opposing to change party seems to always immediately jump to issues that the pro-change party is not requesting. Take women voting, the argument could be well if it isn’t just men that can vote, will we let dogs vote if women can? Regarding interracial marriage, lots of people saw it has “not right” and “morally wrong”.

      By being against homosexual couples having the same rights as heterosexual couples, are you not part of a group that is insisting they have moral superiority over another group?

      And for a little humor: I’m for homosexual marriage, they should have to suffer like the rest of us 😉

  5. jeffcraw4d says :

    I agree with One Salient Oversights assessment that the moral decline of our culture is to be expected and that it should not cause “fear”among those who cling to the Gospel. But I think it is naive and simply wrong to think that moral decline will NOT lead to chaos. Just the opposite, I would claim that America has been “rich” because in her past she has been a light of moral decency in the world and with our moral decline will come cultural decline.

    To quote Tocqueville – “America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”

    To quote George Washington – ““Let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. Reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.”

  6. One Salient Oversight says :

    Jeff, it’s not important whether Tocqueville or Washington said it, it’s important if God said it.

    You need to find verses in scripture that prove this position.

    As for experience, there are plenty of examples of nations who are doing well and getting richer without God. Think Japan, think China.

    To argue that Godliness leads to national wealth is a form of prosperity doctrine.

  7. jeffcraw4d says :

    Philip – great conversation!
    The “love = marriage” is a MAJOR theme of the homosexual community’s argument for same sex marriage. You can Google the concept and it is prolific in gay parades, rallies, etc.

    I think you are wrong (and not just you) about gay marriage being a civil rights issue. There is not a single gay man or woman in the United States right now who is prohibited from voting, running for office, getting a job, etc. because of their sexual orientation. Gays enjoy all the same civil rights as anyone. It is a false comparison to equate the same sex marriage debate with the civil right movement or women’s right to vote. Those movements were about “individual” rights – of which gay people enjoy all the same rights as Hispanics, Asians, women, etc. Gay marriage is different. It is about “categories” not the “individual.” In short: How is marriage categorized? The answer (until recently) is by God’s standard of one man + one woman.

    You ask if I am not a part of the “group” insisting on moral superiority over another group, as I have argued that the homosexual community is trying to assert over us all. The answer is, “No.” Because I am not asserting any moral standard in and of myself (as the homosexual community wants to do), I am simply bowing to God’s standard which is above and outside of myself. This is the standard that has existed from the beginning of beginnings.

    You say, “Let’s just set the standard at two consenting adults.” Philip, that statement strikes at the heart of my whole point. Number 1, “Let’s” means “let us.” Listen, I want no part of anything that changes God’s standards. Do you really want to carry that burden as well? Number 2, who are WE that we get to decide the standard? Number 3, it will never end with “two.” This is not a slippery slope and I think it is naïve to think “two” will be the end of the marriage discussion. Let’s just forget about bestiality and incest angles. Let’s focus only on polygamy. Polygamy has been around as a social construct in various cultures as long as people have been gay. It has a LONG history, even in this country. It is currently practiced in this country. At one point polygamy was legal in Utah until they banned it in order to secure statehood. A recent poplar show on TV was Sister Wives. A show all about polygamy. If “we” change God’s standards from one man + one woman = marriage, to any “two” consenting adults, then can we have lost all moral ground on which to stand against moving to three or more.

  8. jeffcraw4d says :

    One Salient – “all Truth is God’s Truth” thus the quotes.

    I hardly think I need to provide proof texting from something for which the Bible is crystal clear.

    “Rich” can be defined in more than financial terms and I am surprised you are holding up Japan and China as example nations.

    Nowhere do I or have I argued for a prosperity Gospel – seems off track to the whole discussion.

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