APPy New Year


Did you get a new iPhone or iPad for Christmas?  Here is my personal listing of favorite, must-have apps to get the most spiritual punch out of your new device and to have an APPy New Year…


1.  YouVersion. Free.

This wonderful app hosts our church’s live sermon notes on Sunday morning, but it also provides numerous Bible translations for free and other Bible study helps and reading plans.


2.  HCSB Study Bible. $9.99

Well, worth the price.  The print edition lists for $50 but the e-version has everything – full Bible text in a wonderful translation (just as good as the ESV text which I preach from, and in some ways better) maps, charts, study notes, etc. and it is all laid out beautifully and actually easier to use than the print edition.  This one is a must.


3.  Logos. Free.

I am a user of Logos and this nifty app gives me on the go access to my entire digital library worth thousands of dollars.  If you are not a Logos user, this app is still worth it for the freebies it comes with.


4.  On Mission. Free.

On Mission is a fabulous quarterly mission focusing on the lostness of North America.  This app gives you access to current and past issues for free.  The e-edition is actually better to read and look at than the print and includes enhanced content like videos.


5.   Resurrection iWitness. $.99.

This is a wonderful apologetics tool loaded with great resources for defending the death and resurrection of Jesus.  The interface is amazing.  This app is worth WAY more than the $.99 price tag.


6.  Kindle. Free.

Yep, I’m a Kindle user and this app for the iPad is a great way to access all your books while on the go.  Be sure and check out the list of top 100 FREE books on Amazon.  It is common to find numerous Christian titles and every few weeks certain Christian publishers will select and offer some great titles for free for a limited time.  If you are looking you can grab some great material and spend no money!


7.  Twisted Scripture. $.99.

Another apologetics app designed to offer insight into various biblical passages that are often taken out of context.  This is a great one for students in high school and college.


8.  Read the Bible for Life – Bible Reader. Free.

Need help getting started reading through the Bible? Having trouble understanding certain books in the Bible?  This wonderful app provides loads of audio and video content from leading pastors and scholars on all sorts of biblical topics, all related to reading and understanding God’s Word.


9.  The Love Dare Reminders. $.99.

This is a great app for married people that will give you a daily devotional thought from the popular book, The Love Dare, based on the hit movie, Fireproof.


10.  GABC. Free.

How could I leave this off the list…and how could you leave this off your iPhone or IPad or Android device?!  Take GABC everywhere you go and follow our weekly teaching, calendar of events, prayer needs, etc.


3 responses to “APPy New Year”

  1. Trent Broussard says :

    Great list. I would also recommend the ESV Study Bible Plus by Crossway and the Baptist Hymnal by Lifeway as well. All these are such great resources that will never cause you to overfill your back pack or brief case as you go to study.

  2. Bill Newton says :

    This makes me sound stupid: but what did you search to find the Resurrection iWitness app? I have searched ‘Resurrection iWitness’ ‘iWitness’ and ‘resurrection’ and can’t find it. Who is the publisher?

  3. jeffcraw4d says :

    Trent – thumbs UP on the ESV Study Bible – I have that as well and it actually integrates with the HCSB app (they are both powered by Olive Tree) and you can then get the benefit of BOTH translations and study helps in one view.

    Bill – iWitness is an iPad only app so if you are trying to find it on the iPhone app store it won’t show up. Sorry- should have designated that.

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