New Year’s Check-Up

Taking time to do a self-evaluation of your life and to set goals (resolutions) for the New Year is not only a good idea it is also biblical.  The Jewish civil new year celebration known as Rosh Hashanah is recorded in Numbers 29:1.  It begins a 10 day period knows as the Days of Awe whereby Jews evaluate their lives and make  adjustments in order to be in right standing with God and to prepare for the next Jewish holiday, Yom Kippur.

As Christians, we follow Jesus and find redemption in him, not in Jewish custom or Old Testament Law.  And so as you consider your “followship” of Christ and any changes or adjustments you need to make in 2012, consider this one verse that summarizes Jesus’ maturation.

“And Jesus increased in wisdom, and in stature, and in favor with God and man.”  Luke 2:52

Four Points of the New Year Check-Up

1. Your intellectual life.  Are you learning in 2012?

2. Your physical life.  Are you maintaining or growing the health of your body?

3.  Your spiritual life.  Are you growing closer to God in new ways?

4.  Your social life.  Are you developing healthy social connections in and out of church?


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