How To Win A Church Fight

I preached this past Sunday from Acts 15 on the topic of church fights.  Anybody who has been a member of a church any length of time has probably experienced a church fight at one time or another.  Christians tend to fight over anything from carpet color to music style.  You name it and there has probably been a church fight about it.  Unfortunately some church fights lead to church splits.  I did an informal poll of the folks at church on Sunday asking them to raise their hands if they had ever seen a church split up close and personal.  I was stunned by the number of hands that went up all over the building.  Church splits are always ugly.  And what’s worse is they do NOTHING to impress those who don’t attend church.  All our fighting is one big turn off to those watching from the sidelines.

With that said, I presented three principles that will lead both sides of a church fight to victory.

1.  Separate but don’t split.  Is it possible to disagree but remain in fellowship with someone you are fighting with?  Yes!  In fact, it is biblical.  You don’t have to like a brother in Christ to love him in Christ.  When two people or parties don’t agree, then separation is called for.  Distance.  Space.  Breathing room.  But not a split.

2.  Place the Mission above your misery.  Never let your personal discomfort over any issue in your church get in the way of your support of the church’s mission: to expand the Kingdom via the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  SO many church fights would fade if the people of God would keep their focus on the mission of God rather than their own misery of a particular situation.

3.  Value people over your preference.  How many times has one side of a church dispute gone nuclear on the “other side” in order to “win” only to look back when all is said and done and all that is left are body parts.  It is sad and tragic.  It is sin.  All church fights are personal. Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently.  Because they are personal there is the risk that someone, a real person, will get hurt.  This just can’t happen in a church.  And it won’t when people are valued more than personal preferences.

So there you have it.  How to win a church fight.  Go ye therefore and fight to win…


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2 responses to “How To Win A Church Fight”

  1. juju2112 says :

    What sorts of issues do churches split over? Homosexuality? Salvation?

  2. Marla says :

    What an amazing message, so many people get hurt in church fights, that make them turn away from God’s word. We need to continually seek God and His peace. To have faith that God will always take care of us.
    To be redeemed by the blood of the lamb.

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