Carlos, Ecuador, and Jesus

The picture above is of a brother in Christ I met last week named Carlos.  Carlos became the first Christian in his Shuar village of Naichap a year or so ago.  He has since led his wife and children to Christ and his brother and his family to Christ.  His family is the sum total of Christians in his village.  Russ Bare and Rocky Black, two missionaries in Ecuador, wanted to stop in Naichap a week ago last Thursday evening to introduce Carlos to me and to encourage him.  That was when I heard the whole story of Carlos and of what God is doing in Naichap.

Carlos’ father is a witch doctor.  Because of this, Carlos was planning to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a witch doctor too.  But then Carlos’ wife got sick…very sick.  Carlos took his wife to his father and he could not heal her.  Carlos took his wife to other witch doctors and they could not heal her either.  Carlos spent a lot of money and time searching for someone that could heal his wife.  Then he stumbled onto an unidentified woman in a village that told Carlos that he should quit going to witch doctors because the only person that could heal his wife was Jesus.  Carlos was not sure what to make of that but out of desperation he prayed and asked Jesus to heal his wife.  And he did.

All of this had happened before Russ Bare met Carlos.  Russ stopped in Naichap one day while driving north toward home because he felt the overwhelming move of the Holy Spirit to do so.  Carlos was the first person he met and Carlos had questions!  Russ says today that Carlos was the most spiritually confused person he had ever met when he came to his village.   Russ shared all about WHO this Jesus was who had healed his wife.  And Carlos eagerly accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

The story gets better.

When we pulled in to his village a week ago to encourage Carlos little did we know that he was going to encourage us.  Carlos said he wanted to show us the church building they had built.  That’s right a church building.  The first in Naichap.  Here is a picture of it.

Carlos and his brother built the whole thing by themselves with no outside monetary help.  They chopped the logs and cut the lumber planks themselves…with a chain saw.  It is an amazing structure in the jungles of Ecuador.

The story gets better still.

After Russ led Carlos to Christ, he discovered that Carlos is the former president of 35 Shuar tribes.  In fact some of these tribes are located in the Nangaritza River, the same river our church has been working on for many years.  This is a man of great influence and I believe Carlos is the key that God is going to use to open the Gospel to the Shuar.

And the story gets even better…

Because the story of Carlos and Ecuador and Jesus is only beginning…


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