Mission Ecuador

This week I will be leading a mission team from our church to Ecuador.  We have the unique and blessed opportunity to lead a Prayer Conference for the collective gathering of missionaries from Ecuador for the International Mission Board.  One of the lead missionaries in Ecuador, Russ Bare, envisioned the idea for this Prayer Conference last year and asked if I would lead out with a group from Grand.  I was more than happy to say, “Yes!”  Grand has a long history of mission work in Ecuador but this will be my first trip.

In addition to the conference, we will be taking a few extra days to travel up one of the rivers of the Amazon Basin, hike in-land a couple of miles, and initiate interaction with a remote tribal group.  Once we are done with our work in the rain forest, we will be conducting the conference from the Nate Saint Conference Center in Shell.  You may recall that Shell was the base for Nate Saint (pictured above with an Acua), Jim Elliot, Ed McCully, Peter Flemming, and Roger Youderian.  These were the five missionaries killed by a tribe of Acuas in 1956.  The Nate Saint Conference Center is actually the former home of Nate Saint and houses the radio control room where the wives of the men were listening when they lost contact with their husbands.  This building is also located next to the MAF airstrip used by the men and is still active today. I believe this hallowed ground is the perfect place for our Prayer Conference for today’s missionaries.  Needless to say, I am tremendously excited for all kinds of reasons.  Please pray for our team and for the Great Commission work in Ecuador.

I invite you to follow my Twitter feed located on the left column of this page.  I will be doing my best to send updates, pics, and hopefully some video from Ecuador.  We will be returning on November 15th.


2 responses to “Mission Ecuador”

  1. Gay says :

    LOVING, LOVING your twitter pics!!! I too am having “left behind” issues. :o) Am praying.


  2. Johnny Maust says :

    Jeff, Your teaching was a tremendous blessing to us this week! If you would like to receive our prayer updates, you can request to be put on our list for a Facebook group, Praying for the Mausts, and we would love to put you on there! God bless, and have a safe trip back.

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