The Pastor and the Mission

Today I am sharing this passage from a missions conference in 1900 that has greatly challenged me…


To the pastor belongs the privilege and the responsibility of solving the foreign missionary problem.  Until the pastors of our churches wake up to the truth of this proposition, and the foreign work becomes a passion in their own hearts and consciences, our Boards may do what they can, by way of devising forward movements or organizing new methods for raising money from the churches, yet the chariot wheels of missions will drive heavily. 

Every pastor holds his office under Christ’s commission, and can only fulfill it when, as a missionary bishop, he counts the whole world his fold.  The pastor of the smallest church has the power to make his influence felt around the world.  No pastor is worthy of his office who does not put himself into sympathy with the magnificent breadth of the great commission, and draw inspiration and zeal from its worldwide sweep.

The pastor is not only the instructor, but the leader of his congregation.  He must not only care for their souls, but direct their activities.  If there are churches that do not give and do not pray for foreign missions, it is because they have pastors who are falling short of the command of Christ.  I feel almost warranted in saying that, as no congregation can long resist the enthusiastic pastor, so, on the other hand, a congregation can hardly rise above cold indifference or lack of conviction regarding missions on the part of the pastor.

Dr. George Frederick Pentecost – Missions Conference in New York City, 1900.


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