Mormonism, Christianity, and Me – Part 2

Should a Christian vote for a Mormon for President of the United States?

When I was 17 my dad was transferred and my family relocated from Fort Smith to Salt Lake City, Utah.  Yep, culture-shock is a good term to use.  For this kid who grew up as a part of the “majority” in the Bible Belt, it was no small adjustment to being a minority in the capital of Mormonism.

It was my senior year in high school.  I would only live in Utah for one year before leaving to attend college at Oklahoma Baptist University.  My family would go on to live in Utah for many more years.  I can tell you from experience that Mormons are some of the very best people you can ever meet.  To my knowledge we were the only non-Mormon family on our street.  I remember the week we moved into our new home and Dad and I were on the roof of the house trying to fix our water-cooler (air conditioning in the West).  All of a sudden our neighbor, Alan, appeared on the ladder and gave us all the knowledge and tools we needed to get the thing running.  And then there were our neighbors on the other side, Bill and Kathy.  They would become very dear friends of my parents and even attend my ordination service some years later.

I made many friends at Brighton High School my senior year.  Mormon friends.  Yes, we talked a lot of theology and no, they did not convert me and I did not convert them.  But they were my friends and as a re-located senior in high school, I was grateful for their friendship.

Mormons do not share my Christian theology but they do share my Christian morals and values.

So what about that vote we will all cast next year for President?  Should a Christian vote for a Mormon?

I remember during the last election cycle that Christian groups made a big deal about NOT voting for a Mormon for President.  Mitt Romney was running then, too, if you’ll recall.  “We just can’t have such a thing!”  I remember agreeing.  A Mormon president would shine a big huge spotlight on the Mormon church that the church would use to try and propagate its image to the American public.  It could also serve as an asset to convert people to the Mormonism.

But then the Republicans ended up offering John McCain as their nominee, a man who professes no faith.  And then we ended up electing Barack Obama who on the one hand calls himself a Christian but then entertains a menagerie of belief systems.

The reality of politics in America is that we will most likely always be faced with a pair of candidates, neither of which is a true follower in Jesus Christ.  So we must steward our vote carefully.  We must pray, and think, and examine, and measure the candidates next to our Christian morals, values, and principles.  And when all the measuring is done, the voting lever may very well come down on a Mormon.


5 responses to “Mormonism, Christianity, and Me – Part 2”

  1. Judith Lamb says :

    Again, bless you for making a touchy subject so clear. I agree fully that if we pray, think, examine and measure the candidates next to Christian morals, values and principles then the Lord will help us punch the correct spot on our ballot. He already knows who will be the next President…..

  2. kathy davis says :

    Not only Christian morals, values and principles but also someone who can lead this nation intelligently. We need someone who has a vision for what this country can be and know how to get us there.

  3. Bob Dowty says :

    Jeff, I appreciate you addressing this subject. Those with extroverted personalities, similar to most politicians, will more than likely be a ‘High –I’; having a high degree of influence. These individuals are emotional and can be influential through their actions and of course through their speech. Believers must be mindful that their own emotions may lead them to incorrect assessments of situations. As believers it is important to remember who is in control of the outcome of any election. As for whom to vote for in the next election, I hope to vote for both the most qualified and best suited candidate. And then let God direct their steps. (This political announcement has not been paid for….)

  4. JChizzle says :

    I don’t agree.. Morals??? A non believer can have the same or similar morals as a Christian. Doesn’t mean I will vote for him. I wouldn’t vote for anything less than a God fearing man. One with a proper view of God. If he can’t have a rpoper view of God then everything else is in danger. Including your morals… – From what research I’ve done on Romney and the Mormon church they are dispensasionalist and support replacement theology. Not to mention they believe Jesus is Satan’s brother. You talk about Israel being so important and Obama not supporting them (and I agree). What do you think a Mormon would do?

  5. JChizzle says :

    And to add.. They say vote for the lesser of 2 evils.. How about not voting for evil at all… Put someone’s else’s name in there.

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