Thoughts on the Death of Steve Jobs

I was sitting in my office on Wednesday night working on a prayer retreat I will be leading in Ecuador next month when I got the text from my wife: “Steve Jobs just died.”  The text arrived on my iPhone and I immediately went to my Macbook Pro to search for breaking news. Yes.  Steve Jobs infiltrated my world too.

My very first thought was one of sadness.  Yes, sadness that the world had lost a visionary, a great man and a great mind at the age of 56.  But I was also sad for another reason.  I was struck that Steve Jobs had slipped into eternity without Jesus.  He is now and forever separated from God with no hope.  It’s a crushing thought indeed.

Unless he had a last minute conversion, Steve Jobs was not a follower of Jesus Christ.  The best guess anyone has is that he dabbled in Zen Buddhism.

So what does the life of Steve Jobs really teach us?  It teaches us that super cool technology, in the end, doesn’t really matter.  Steve Jobs made toys.  He made better toys than anyone else.  That’s what the “i” product line is really all about when you boil it down.  As kids we all love toys and the truth is as we grow we just want more expensive and shiner gadgets to play with.  And Steve Jobs delivered.

Steve Jobs pushed people to “think different” and he wanted to change the world with Apple.  He did both.

I wish he had gone one step further to “think different” and change his life with Jesus.


One response to “Thoughts on the Death of Steve Jobs”

  1. John Cardella says :

    How about he was just a good person and led a good life as Jesus did? Every day I see supposed Christians with Jesus in their lives act nothing like Jesus. Hypocrites for the most part. The Right Wingers who cheered when Perry talked about how many were executed in Texas and booed when one of our soldiers expressed that he was gay. I’m sure Jesus was proud.

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