The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Church Parking and Football

I saw something yesterday I had not seen before in over 20 years of ministry.  Julie and I had made a quick weekend trip to Dallas to see her family and celebrate her 40th birthday.  We had decided to hook up with some long time friends on Sunday and go to the Cowboys / Lions game at the new Cowboys Stadium.  Much has been written and said about the billion dollar plus stadium so I’ll skip those details.  But I do want to talk about parking.  It is a challenge, to say the least, to get good parking at the new stadium.  It’s pricey for one thing.  The lots that the Cowboys own range from $50 – $75 and some have told me it is even more than that in some prime areas.  I found a lot at an office building about a mile away for $11.  I decided that walking would be better on my body and pocket book.  As we walked closer to the stadium the prices of the lots got understandably more expensive.  What caught my eye next was a church.  Yes, a church located about a block from the stadium – in it’s shadow really.  I wondered: How do you have church on a Sunday when you are that close to a stadium that is pulling in over 100,000 people??  You don’t.  At least this church didn’t.  Instead they had converted their parking lot into a pay lot at $40 a space!

I was conflicted?  Would I do that at my church?  Is this smart on the church’s part? Or is it caving to “the world” and making a buck at the same time?

What do you think??


4 responses to “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Church Parking and Football”

  1. James R Woodward says :

    Have Worship Service and validate parking following receiving the offering and conclusion of the Service.

  2. Amanda says :

    Sad to say I don’t think this church had much choice. If they didn’t charge for parking their lot would fill up for the games and nobody would be able to park for church. However, seeing that this is a paid lot would deter visitors at the same time. Kinda a catch 22. I agree with James you would have to have some kind of validation system. I don’t really understand why they are charging so much though.. Is it their goal to deter parking there all together? They should lower their price. I’m thinking people take a look and think “How greedy are these people? Typical a church would charge so much.” even though that is not what church is about. A lot of non christians hold to the view that churchs are all about the money. I’m kinda torn on their situation.

  3. Jordan says :

    We could do this if we place our second campus next to the fair grounds.

  4. maurice solner says :

    I have to say i dont like it at all. The whole validating parking seems ok but i would charge a amount that ppl would not want to pay say $100. idk know what jesus would say or do, but i think back on him throwing over the tables at the temple.

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