Where was God on 9/11?

That’s the question that has been asked countless times since that fateful day.  9/11 is one of those days, one of those events, that strains our mental capacity of comprehension.  So much pain, so much fear, so much suffering, so much hate, so much death.  And where, exactly, was our all-loving God, at our moment of greatest need?

It’s a curious question really.  We are a nation that has systematically removed God from public discourse since the Supreme Court rulings of 1962-63 which eliminated compulsory prayer and Bible reading from public schools.  That was just the first domino to fall.  And they have been falling ever since.  So it really is interesting that we have become a nation that wants no part of God…except we want His protection.  We want to have it both ways really.  We want to say to God, “No thanks, we don’t need or want You in our lives.”  But when tragedy strikes, God becomes the “bad guy” for giving us what we have asked for, a world without Him.

Now, I am in no way saying that God was not with us on 9/11.  In fact, I think He was there the whole time.  Yes, there are layers of that day that I just can’t comprehend and I am not one to take the easy road out by saying that “God has a plan and we just need to trust Him.”  I know God has a plan but I don’t think what happened on 9/11 can be quantified in such a way so easily.  I think there are spiritual forces battling all around us.  I think there is a Satan that seeks to destroy.  I think he is working to create chaos on earth and cast doubt on God’s ability to rescue.  And I think he is succeeding…for now.

So where was God on 9/11?  Probably a lot closer and more involved than any of us could ever imagine.

One more question: Where will God be on 9/11 this year?  I find it curious, once again, that the mayor of New York has chosen to exclude the presence of all clergy during the 9/11 commemorations on this 10th anniversary.  Another domino excluding God falls.  But it doesn’t matter because God will not be denied.  He was, is, and will be there, here…everywhere.  I do not think it is a coincidence that the 10th anniversary of 9/11 falls on a Sunday.  That’s right, Sunday.  Funny how that worked out, isn’t it?  Just the sort of thing God would do.  So while He might be ignored at Ground Zero on Sunday, 9/11, He will not be ignored around our country.  As a matter of fact, God will be front and center in churches all across our fruited plain as believers show up to worship, pray, and seek the face of God.

Our church, like so many, will be hosting a special service on Sunday.  We are calling it, “Let Us Remember…”  If you don’t have a church home why don’t you join us?  If you do, then find yourself in church on Sunday and “let us remember” the God who is.


One response to “Where was God on 9/11?”

  1. Mark Baker says :

    God and clergy were certainly welcome in 2001 when the attacks actually happened!

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