Our Last Great Hope

I was privileged to be able to read a pre-release copy of Our Last Great Hope by Dr. Ronnie Floyd.  The book officially releases on Tuesday, September 6th and it is a must read.  Let me precursor my comments about the book by saying that Pastor Floyd has been a dear friend and mentor speaking into my life for over 15 years.  I had the wonderful blessing of serving on staff at Cross Church / Shiloh Christian School from 1996 thru 2005.  I have learned more about leadership and vision from this man of God than anyone else I have known.    Ronnie Floyd is truly one of the great leaders, visioneers, and practitioners of the Great Commission of our age.  When he was appointed in 2009 to lead the Great Commission Task Force as an effort to refocus the Southern Baptist Convention on its missional axis, I said at the time that there was no better qualified man than Ronnie Floyd to lead this effort.  What makes Pastor Floyd’s life and legacy so poignant is the fact that he is a practioner of the Great Commission on a massive scale.  And not from some mega-city like Dallas or Atlanta, but from the little town of Springdale, Arkansas.  Springdale is Anytown.  Most men will never pastor a church in a metropolitan area.  We pastor in places like Fort Smith or Shawnee, Oklahoma, or White Pine, Tennessee, or you name the town.  Pastor Floyd has given his life and ministry to the Great Commission in a context to which any pastor can relate.  And the results?  Three campuses make up Cross Church, they have planted 55 churches around the globe in the last 17 years, and in the coming year over 1,000 of their people will engage in an international mission experience.  They are a going, reaching, sending, giving, praying, leading, launching, Great Commission church…starting in Springdale, Arkansas.  If the world can be touched from a place like Springdale, what about from where you live?

And so it is only appropriate that Pastor Floyd would write a book on the Great Commission.  In his own words, Pastor Floyd wanted to write a book that “is serious, practical, and is an action book, not theoretical.”  I can tell you that he has succeeded.  If you are a pastor, this is a must read.  If you are a support staff member, this is a must read.  If you are a lay leader, order this book today.  You must read it.  Our world is going to hell.  Literally.  The church carries the answer but we have lost focus.  We are more internal than external in our giving, budgeting, and programming.  We must repent, refocus, reload, and re-engage a lost and dying world.  We have no choice.  It’s the Great Commission, not the Great Suggestion.  And the world has no other hope than this…that it would be touched by churches on Mission with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This truly is the church’s…the world’s…our last great hope.


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