Sticks and Stones

I am taking five weeks to preach through the book of Haggai on Sunday mornings in August and September.  This is an amazing little book that I am sad to say I have paid scant attention to.   The book is all about the rebuilding of Temple of God in Jerusalem in the year 520 B.C., 66 years after it was destroyed.  This second temple would go on to be renovated by Herod the Great at the end of the first century B.C.  Herod spared no expense as he expanded the Temple complex and adorned the Temple with the finest wealth of Rome.  One of the impressive features of Herod’s Temple renovation were the use of giant lime stones quarried three to four miles from Jerusalem.  The largest of these Herodian stones was known to be 44’ in length.  That is until the last few years when the excavation of the Temple Mount tunnels in Jerusalem uncovered an even larger stone measuring 50’ in length and over 500 tons.  The above photo is a picture of this stone and allows you to really appreciate the enormity of these Herodian stones.

It is obvious from reading prophetic history like the book of Haggai, or even visiting Israel today, that God has been and still is working in this holy land.  There is much to watch in the days ahead.  Tensions are very high with the Hamas led terror attacks on Israel this week, along with a barrage of rockets from Gaza into the southern cities.  Israel is forced to respond with a heavy hand in order to crush the spirit of these terror attacks and restore stability.  This is all a prelude to the Palestinian effort to approach the United Nations in September to have a Palestinian State unilaterally declared.  Such a move would put the United States in a pointed position of declaring whether or not we are with Israel or against her.  Given the stance and policies and statements of our nation’s current administration, the support of Israel in the face of a Palestinian State is not a forgone conclusion.

Pray for Israel.  Pray for America.


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