Miracle At Sea

In 1979 a refugee boat fleeing Vietnam was dead in the water and facing certain doom.  By the grace and providence of God, a World Vision ship, the Seasweep, rescued all 93 people on board.  These refugees eventually made it to Fort Smith, Arkansas, and many who made it were touched by the Vietnamese ministry of Grand Avenue Baptist Church.  This video is a powerful recollection of the above story from the perspective of one family, and in particular, one boy.  Hon Chung is a member at Grand (and one of the referenced twins in the story) and it is Hon’s brother, Vinh, who shares in this video.

We are all busy and I know it is much to ask you to view a 34 minute video.  But…trust me on this one…it will touch and change you.

“No one can do everything for everyone…but we can all do something for someone.”

Enjoy and be blessed!


5 responses to “Miracle At Sea”

  1. Jim Curlin says :

    John showed the brilliant foresight foresight, and wisdom to share the video with us during the Monday Class, this morning. It was so special that I shared it with my family, (from the iPad!…lol), on the long trip home! The story shows the lengths God will take to save those He has chosen before the foundation of the world from all nations, out of all faiths, to bring them to the knowledge of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. And, it shows how He blesses, and protects those He claims as His sons and daughters who faithfully follow after Him.

  2. kathy davis says :

    i remember those children coming to church. the younger twins were identical and were in the nursery. it was so tramatic for them. i was working in the nursery at that time and will never forget those little faces and how scared they were. i am so thankful that i got to hold them and comfort them during that time. little did we know how they would grow and become these wonderful adults.

  3. pkatchley@gmail.com says :

    I thank God for World Vision. Not only did they save the Chung family but they are still saving families. Vinh was my sons ( Michael Atchley) friend growing up at Grand. What a wonderful family they are. My daughter (Becky Stewart) is very involved with World Vision. If anyone would like information on how you can help give her a call. She also does group presentations. We never know the good that we can do until we hear a story from someone like Vinh.

  4. Vinh Chung says :

    Dear Pastor Jeff and Grand Avenue Baptist Church,

    I have been planning on sending you a DVD copy of the World Vision Chapel service, but it seems that technology through the internet has beaten me to it. I am humbled and happy to know that the story of my family can be an encouragement to others.

    God bless you all.

    -Vinh Chung

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