Pilgrimage: Israel

I have dreamed of traveling to Israel my whole life…and this week I will finally be going.  My wife, Julie, and I will be leading a group from our church to the most disputed piece of real estate on the planet, a centerpiece of three world religions.  Israel.

Needless to say, I am tremendously excited as are everyone of the those going with us, all first timers like myself.  And I would like to invite you to go with us…in a manner of speaking.  I will be doing my very best to post updates, pics, and possibly even video to my Twitter account.  If you follow me on Twitter you won’t miss a thing.  If you don’t do Twitter that’s okay, just check back to this blog often and you can see the latest Twitter updates on the left column of this page.

We will be 8 hours ahead of CST in Israel.  We are scheduled to land on Tuesday evening, July 26th, around 5:30 pm Israel time which will be 9:30 am back here in Arkansas.  Please pray for our safety and that God would grant us a glorious trip as we walk where Jesus walked!


2 responses to “Pilgrimage: Israel”

  1. Jo Ann Dixon says :

    Jeff I am sure this will be a trip the memories of which you will cherish as long as you live. I have never been to the Holy Land, but my mother and my aunt went on trips that Bro. Don led and after hearing their experiences I felt as I had been with them. I will pray for you daily and look forward to hearing how it will influence your sermons in days to come. This is a time when we can really appreciate twitter. Jo Ann Dixon

  2. Kelsea McBride says :

    I’m thankful you are keeping us updated on the trip. My mom and 2 aunts are w you as well as some if their best friends. I do not have a twitter account so will b checking this site to see what’s going on. Thanks! You all are in my prayers.

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