Great Summer Reading

One of the things I love about summer is a little extra time to read some of the books that always seem to pile up on my desk (or Kindle).  Whether you are kicked back at the beach or just staying out of the oppressive heat on a Saturday afternoon, there’s nothing quite like a good book.  With all the new technologies that dominate our attention a well written story never seems to go out of style.

Here is a list of what I have read lately, all of which I would highly recommend.

 1.  The Black Sea Affair by Don Brown

This is a fantastic, suspense filled book along the lines of…well, think Hunt for Red October.  Lots of fun, international intrigue, and in the end, a legal thriller.  This is the second of Don Brown’s novels I have read and better than the first, Treason, which was excellent in its own right.  I picked up the book for free on my Kindle some time ago and finally got around to reading it.  Not only was I pleasantly surprised, I would gladly have paid for this book.  You should too.

2.  Nightmare by Robin Parrish

Parrish is one of my newer favorite Christian authors.  There is nothing light and fluffy about his writing.  In his newest book, he delves into the world of the paranormal.  This books has it all: ghosts, hauntings, and demonic activity.  This novel will push you as a Christian as it forces you to consider your own theology of the paranormal.  Not for the faint-at-heart.  This book will leave you thinking.

3.  Real Christianity by William Wilberforce

Written by the man who worked to bring an end to slavery in England and the song Amazing Grace to the world, this is a wonderful book that cuts through the cultural Christianity that looks nothing like what the Bible describes.  Wilberforce takes us to a gut-level form of lived out faith that he calls very simply “real” Christianity.  This book gets little attention and was given to me by my good friend and pastor of Harvest Time here in Fort Smith, Marty Sloan.  Do yourself a favor and order this book (you won’t find it sitting on a shelf in a bookstore) and get ready to be challenged.

4.  Physics of the Future by Michio Kaku 

Okay, I’m not one to read books on physics, but Michio Kaku does a great job of making the subject matter not only accessible to the average Joe but also fun.  Kaku is the flowing, white haired Asian who appears on Fox News as a scientific consultant.  If you’ve ever seen him on TV you can easily hear his voice in the book.  I like this book because it endeavors to tell us what is coming next in the worlds of technology, health care, transportation, etc.  Kaku doesn’t just make this stuff up.  He visits and interviews scientists who are actually pushing the bounds of what physics will allow to produce the next “inventions” that will change our lives… think, contact lenses that display the internet, and nano-bots that travel your bloodstream to repair damage.  A lot of “wow” moments in this book.  It sort of makes you wish you could live longer to see these things come to fruition.  But given the Physics of the Future, who knows!

5.  Passion for the Heart of God by John Zumwalt

This book, more than any other I have read in the last several years has had a lasting impact on me.  I read the book once on a devotional level (it takes a while to process what Zumwalt is challenging the reader to consider) and am reading it a second time to take notes.  This is very simply a book about missions.  But don’t let that fool you.  This is NOT a book for people who are just interested in missions, this is a book for every believer.  I would even say this is an important book.  It will change the way you read your Bible and view God’s goal for humanity.  It will push you…hard.  And if you let it, it will change you.  This is a powerful book that is still working on me long after I have finished reading it.


One response to “Great Summer Reading”

  1. Jim Curlin says :

    Thanks for your great recommendations, Brother Jeff….I’m sure you’re “spot-on”, as you were with the Twelfth Imam! That book seems more real with every passing day…………

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