How’s Your VISION?

Each summer I lead a staff retreat for our ministry team and their spouses.  We just got back from this year’s retreat and a major theme that I brought to the table for our team was VISION.

VISION is the stuff of life in a church.  The Bible says that where there is no VISION the people cast of restraint (Proverbs 29:18).  That means where there is no VISION that people lose focus, they get restless, and things fall apart.  I believe that the church I pastor has needed a compelling vision for a long time.  I believe God has put it on my heart to lead our church to embrace a compelling, God-sized, He gets all the glory, VISION.  I presented that VISION to our team on Monday and I will be presenting it to our whole church on Sunday, September 18th when we move back into our newly renovated worship center.  I believe Sunday, September 18th will be the perfect time to cast VISION.  Something like the completion of a major renovation is that kind of thing that can cause a church to sit back and relax and…get lazy.  The best cure to that temptation is VISION.  I believe that VISION will energize, focus, and breathe life into all that we do.

One thing I discovered on our retreat is that if you are not spending a lot of time talking about and doing VISION that it is easy to forget what VISION looks like.

 What does VISION look like?

  • VISION is bigger than you.
  • VISION must be biblically based.
  • VISION is external, not internal.
  • VISION thinks BIG, as in God-sized, as in only God can do this.
  • VISION thinks FUTURE.
  • VISION is about MORE.
  • VISION is about REACHING.
  • VISION evolves as VISION is realized.

Let me challenge you to apply the above statements about VISION to your family, work, and life.  The default position for all of us is to be internally focused on what we have now, “making it the best it can be.”  This, of course, is necessary and you SHOULD be doing these things, BUT these things are not VISION, they are maintenance. 

I encourage you to PRAY and ask God to give you a VISION for your life. God says that His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts (Isaiah 55:9).  If that is true and if we really believe that, then we need to think GREAT thoughts and dream BIG VISION, because no matter how big we dream or how big our VISION, we will never be able to out-do God!


4 responses to “How’s Your VISION?”

  1. Mike Atchley says :

    You’re such a tease. September 18th is nearly 3 months away. Can’t you give us a little sneak preview?

  2. jeffcraw4d says :

    Hey Mike, I’ll give you this one hint:

    Genesis 12:1-3

  3. Taiwo Olagunju says :


    I need permission to use your Vision logo on my Facebook to facilitate My page.

    Please help me in this regards.

    I will use temporarily until my official page logo is available to use.

    Thank you.

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