Inspired and Challenged

Summer is a BIG planning time for me and my staff.  We work on our calendar for the next 12 months coordinating all the various ministries of our church.  It is also a time that I spend thinking and dreaming about the future.  Where is our church going? Well, it has been an interesting couple of weeks for me.  This summer God has been working me over and frankly as I write this, there is so much in my head and heart that is still not settled.  I am going through one of those times in my life where I am almost on over-load from God.  Everything I read and hear is coming together in God-like synchronicity. 

 A major piece of this jigsaw puzzle has been a book that I’ve been plowing through call Passion for the Heart of God.  This book is beating me up on a daily basis.  I will probably have much more to say about the book in a future post but for now let me just say that it has inspired me to think BIG, BIG, BIG when it comes to the church I pastor.

 I have been both inspired and challenged by God this summer.  Let me share with you where I am:


Much has been said in recent years about the decline of Christianity.  Don’t believe it!

  • 20,000 people are coming to Jesus in China…everyday.
  • 25% of Indonesia is now Christian (Indonesia is officially a Muslim country).
  • Africa was 3% Christian at the turn of the last century.  Today 50% of sub-Sahara Africa is Christian.
  • 30% of South Korea is now Christian.
  • Muslim strongholds like Egypt, Iran, and Iraq are seeing staggering Christian growth.
  • Around the world 178,000 are becoming Christians…everyday.



  • We can now actually count the number of people groups that are still unreached.  This is the first time in history that we can do this!  We can quantify the end game!  There are 6,734 unreached people groups.  An unreached people group is one that is less than 2% Christian.
  • Of these unreached people groups, 3,800 of them are classified as unengaged.  That means NO ONE is working with them on any level.
  • The International Mission Board of The Southern Baptist Convention has rolled out an impressive new initiative called “Embrace… the ends of the Earth.”
  • The goal of Embrace is to engage 3,800 churches in the next 12 months who will adopt one of these 3,800 unengaged groups and to begin to strategize how to get Jesus to them.
  • We are going to do this at Grand!  I am pumped.

 We are the generation that can accomplish the Great Commission.

 If that doesn’t inspire and challenge you, I don’t know what else can.


2 responses to “Inspired and Challenged”

  1. Kim Hill says :

    What can Randy and I do? We both have a heart for missions. You may already know this, but Randy has a degree in Missions. He has spent 3 summers in Europe. Please let us know what, where or how we can help.

    Randy and Kim Hill

  2. jeffcraw4d says :

    Hey Kim! Stay plugged and and STAY TUNED to what is coming in the weeks and months ahead!

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