A Tribute to One of the Good Guys

I wanted to take space on my blog today to recognize a special brother in Christ.   Mike Stark celebrated 20 years of ministry at Grand Avenue Baptist Church last Sunday.  Let me begin by saying that a tenure of 20 years in ministry is remarkable, but to spend 20 years planted in one church is nearly unheard of today.  It takes a special kind of chutzpah to endure the ups and downs of ministry in one location.  Mike’s tenure is a testimony not only to Mike but also to the kind of church Grand is.  Oh, it’s not perfect (no church is) but it is a special place.  I am the third pastor Mike has served under at Grand and in so many ways he has come to be invaluable to me.  He currently serves as our pastoral care specialist.  When someone is sick or needs immediate pastoral care, Mike is there, 24/7, it does not matter what time of day it is.  He also has a growing counseling ministry helping people navigate the hurts of life.  Mike is really a talented man ministerially.  In his tenure at Grand he has worked in youth ministry, children’s ministry, education ministry, and even music ministry.  Amazing.  Whatever the call for service has been, Mike has been there…for 20 years.  And he has had by his side his wonderful wife, Becky.  Together, they have raised their twin sons in the church.  Chris is married now and he and his wife Trina are highly involved as members of our church.  And his other son, Josh, is set to be married next month.  Mike has established not only a vibrant ministry in Fort Smith, but also a legacy.


So congratulations for 20 years, Mike.  May God richly bless you in the same way that you have blessed us!


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